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Free credit card search makes choosing a credit card easy. Browse the most popular, best credit cards. For added security against fraud, get a virtual credit card number.


Credit troubles? Apply for a pre-approved credit card offer based upon your credit history. If you don't know what cards you qualify for, a credit card prequalification service may be best for you before you subject yourself to credit report reviews. Poor and bad credit people can apply for a credit card to rebuild credit or to establish credit. If you have very bad credit, consider bad credit card offers such as a secured credit card like a prepaid Visa, no credit check cards or other types of a guaranteed card. To take advantage of special card discounts, purchase a store gift card.


For very high risk people there are options other than a standard unsecured credit card, such as an online guaranteed platinum card for online store purchases, or possibly even qualify for a charge card or a discount card from retail stores like the WalMart card or the Sears card.


Prepay credit card offers: Apply for a debit card or a bank ATM card.


Rewards credit cards: In addition to perks such as a 0 intro balance transfer, major cards offer other benefits like a travel credit card that rewards free airline miles, a gas card, or family entertainment offers like the Disney credit card, apply for an unsecured platinum credit card.


Credit card interest rates: Some cards offer no interest and a 0 introductory period on purchases. There are also some with a special 0% balance transfer period so you can transfer balances from other cards to your new credit card.


Special credit card offers: Almost every credit card company will offer a spouse joint credit card account. Other special offers include no deposit credit card, business credit card, student credit card and shopping cards like a Christmas credit card. Read the fine print, compare the card benefits, rewards and ratings before you submit an online application.


Credit card company offers, including gold credit card and platinum credit card offers:

Visa credit card, such as the gold Visa card or the platinum Visa credit card.

MasterCard credit card, such as the gold MasterCard or the platinum MasterCard.

American Express card, such as the gold American Express card or the platinum American Express card.

Chase card, such as the platinum Chase card or a rewards Capital One card.

Discover card such as the gold Discover card or the platinum Discover card.


Before you apply, review all the credit card facts. Once you get the card right for you, read every credit card statement carefully and request credit card companies to stop credit card mail offers. Browse more credit card resources.



Guaranteed platinum credit card unsecured credit line - Some lines of credit are limited to catalog merchandise purchases. 0 interest credit card - Major credit card issuers, such as American Express, Chase, Discover, MasterCard and Visa, offer 0 intro credit cards for an introductory period. These types of cards are generally unsecured platinum credit cards with high credit limits, and only people with good to excellent credit can get approved. High credit limit platinum credit cards require above average credit because of the issuer's financial risks. Student Credit Card - Apply online and learn the benefits of a student credit card. Click below to read our article and to submit an online application Secured Credit Card - What is a secured credit card, and what benefits does a secured card offer? Benefits of Credit Cards - Enjoy credit card benefits and perks, ranging from free airline miles, rebates, to cash back credit card incentives and rewards. Types of Credit Cards - Different Types of Debit, ATM and Credit Cards Although you might think that credit cards, charge cards, ATM cards and debit cards are basically the same thing -- a way to make purchases or get cash -- they are quite different. ATM Card - What is an ATM card? Author: Credit Federal. An ATM card used in an automated teller machine (ATM) to access a credit or a debit account to complete banking inquiries and fund transfers between accounts. Debit Card - A debit card offers many conveniences. Read and Apply online for a debit credit card. Click Below!  Balance transfer credit card debt - How to balance transfer credit card debt... High credit limit unsecured credit cards require excellent credit because of the issuer's financial risks and acceptance of existing debt (balance transfer) from another credit card. READ THESE IMPORTANT TIPS IN THIS ARTICLE- Gas Credit Card - Offset gasoline costs with a gas credit card. Earn rewards or cash back on gas purchases from Shell, Exxon, BP and Hess. Cash Back Credit Card - A Cash Back Credit Card is like having a bank savings account, and you can accrue some fabulous interest by comparison. Apply for a Cash Back Credit Card Avoid credit card rate hikes - Understand the universal default interest rate and how it can hit your wallet. Credit card issuers are upping the interest rate you pay on your debt even if you pay your bills on time, according to a study from Consumer Action, a consumer advocacy group. And this survey of 47 banks shows that anybody, not just people with financial problems, can face higher credit card interest rates due to a policy called universal default. Credit Cards with Rewards - Credit Cards With Rewards Are Worth a Look Credit card bill payments - Late credit card payments by consumers remain at a high level. In addition to this article, also reference Credit Federal's prediction titled "Flood, Forests and Fuel". Gasoline prices and rising interest rates appear to be placing the financial burden on consumers. Chase BP Credit Card - Chase, BP Renew Credit Card Agreement Chase Bank U.S.A., NA, a subsidiary of JPMorgan Chase & Co. [NYSE: JPM] and BP [NYSE: BP] today announced the renewal of their credit card marketing relationship. Under the terms of the new agreement, Chase will continue to issue the BP co-brand card and will assume responsibility for the BP proprietary card. MasterCard PayPass - Prom Catering to Accept MasterCard PayPass at PGA TOUR Events in 2006 PGA TOUR Spectators to Speed through Lines with the Convenience of 'Tap & Go' Contactless Payment Technology at Food and Beverage Stands Credit Card Fine Print - It's difficult, and boring, to read credit card fine print, but it is definitely a necessary evil that should not be taken lightly by consumers. Credit Card Approval - Looking for credit card approval? Read this article about getting approved and using your new credit card. Secured Credit Card Shopping - When shopping for a secured credit card, there are many important terms to review before applying. Small Business Credit Card Approval - The use and acceptance of small business credit cards increase over past year. Visa's second annual Small Business Cash Management survey also notes that cash management, financial planning and budgeting remain key concerns. According to the Visa survey, small business owners are increasingly adopting and are more satisfied with business payment cards as a tool for managing their business. American Express Red Card - In the battle to fight AIDS, American Express offers the Red Card to UK residents to help raise funds. AIDS charity DATA launched the initiative to raise money for the Global Fund humanitarian organization. The American Express Red Card features are:- RED money ? American Express willl transfer up to 1.25% to Global Fund-financed programs in Africa which positively impact the lives of women and children affected by HIV/AIDS. MasterCard Card Promotions - New MasterCard Programs. MasterCard announces two new promotional programs: "MasterCard Monthly Bonus Sweepstakes", and "Small Business Zero Liability" Visa Contactless Mini Card - Visa created a mini card to make paying faster and more convenient. American Express Membership Rewards - American Express Membership Rewards Program offers unique rewards to members, retail and travel partners. Discover Card Ranking - Keynote Systems ranks Discover Card number one for online customer experience in the credit card industry. Discover Card Fraud Protection - Discover Card was ranked Best-In-Class for online fraud protection service and information. MasterCard Small Business Survey - A survey of small businesses conducted by MasterCard reveals 84% of small business owners don't believe they will be victims of natural disasters, whereas 77% believe they are not fully prepared. Discover Card ATM Acceptance - Discover Card is now accepted at 58% more ATMs nationwide. Visa Promotes Small Purchases - According to Visa, the bulk of credit card transactions are for purchases of $25.00 or less. Diners Club Credit Card - Diners Club wins the best Affinity/Charge Credit Card Program 'Freddie' Award. Bank credit card rewards - To lure new customers and to get existing customers to use their cards more frequently, several banks are offering debit and credit card rewards. Here are some highlights: National City Bank is offering points for everyday tasks such as writing checks, paying bills online and using debit cards. Bonus points are offered for customers who open new accounts or get new loans. Free Credit Card Services - Credit Federal announces new, free credit card services for consumers. Credit Card Survey - A Credit Card survey shows that credit cards are being used more and more, even for small purchases. Major Banks and Credit Card Issuers - News article about major banks and credit card issuers. Major Banks: According to the American Bankers Association, banks play a key role in financial education. The ABA testified to Congress that banks help consumers by providing financial literacy. The president of OmniBank said that too many people fail to realize their dreams and lose their hard-earned money because they lack basic money management skills. Credit Card Fees - Are credit cards rewards worth it? What about the percent fee? You might not be earning enough value if you are charged transaction fees. Usually credit card rewards are worth 1 or 2 percent of the amount charged. Most businesses charge a 2 percent fee, and if they do not want to pay the fee that card issuers charge them they may pass this fee on to the cardholder. Pre Paid Visa Cards - Visa pre-paid card offers aimed to capture the debit card market. Visa Contactless prepaid cards are available to clients of Meta Payment Systems, MetaBank's prepaid card division. As with all Visa prepaid cards, the Visa Contactless prepaid card can be used anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. Contactless debit cards offer consumers a secure and convenient alternative to cash and checks. Free Credit Card Tips - Free Credit Card Tips by Credit Federal. Avoid extra fees and high interest rates: Keep Interest Rates Down: Credit card issuers used a system called "Universal Default" or; more recently, a "Change of Terms" clause. This means, even if you pay your credit card bills on time, your interest rate can be increased if you are late paying another bill, such as your electrical bill. Credit Card Use - Credit card use for maximum score results, or as a one time use credit card purchase. Bill On Credit Card Bills - Proposed legislation would outlaw some credit card billing and interest rate practices that critics say confuse consumers and can push them deeper into debt. Top Credit Card FAQs - Review Top Credit Card FAQs, with basic tips for secured and unsecured credit cards. Debit Cards Lack Credit Card Power - No doubt, debit cards are convenient and popular, but they lack the power of regular credit cards. Even though they do not offer a line of credit and cardholders can only spend up to the amount they have deposited (pre-funded) into the debit card, their popularity is nonetheless rising. The lack of power doesn't end there, either. Debit cards don't offer the same liability protections as traditional credit cards. Compare Credit Cards - Browse and compare credit cards according to rewards, APR interest rates and consumer ratings. Prevent Debit Card Fraud - Because of their convenience and power, debit card holders are potential scam victims. Bad Credit Card Marketing - Bank settles bad credit card marketing allegation of a fee nearly the credit line amount. Where Have Bad Credit Cards Gone - Sub-Prime (Bad Credit) Credit Card Offers seem to be vanishing from the internet. Not Good Credit Cards - Five major credit card issuers come in second to credit union card offers. Credit Card Interest Rate Cut Impact - What impact does the recent federal interest rate cut have on credit cards? New Credit Card Offers - There are new credit card offers; green is now added to silver, gold, platinum and titanium. Credit Card Savings Accounts - Rewards cards offer automatic deposit savings accounts. Poor Credit Card Application - Poor Credit Score? Credit card applications to choose. Baddest and Best Credit Cards - J.D. Power and Associates' ratings of the baddest and best credit cards. Personal Gift Credit Cards - Personal gift credit cards can offer more wow than simply giving cash. Gift Credit Card Shopping - Tips for Choosing the Best Gift Credit Cards for Holiday Shopping. UK Credit Card Rate Increases - More than one UK credit card company is increasing rates and fees. Purchased and Free Gift Cards - Some credit cards offer the ability to earn free gift cards, or you can buy gift cards directly from retailers. Credit Cards and Credit Reports - Certainly credit report scores decide if you get approved for a credit card and the interest rate you will pay, but what about future rate changes? Bad Credit and Credit Cards - While bad credit people can get credit card approval but at higher rates, now even good credit people are seeing interest rate increases. Bad Credit Card Issuers or Bad Practices? - As the mortgage industry reels and tries to recover, attention is also being cast towards credit cards, the issuers and the cardholders. Will sub-prime, bad credit cards follow the same path of destruction as the sub-prime mortgages? Credit Card Fair Fee Act - Credit Card Fair Fee Act takes on Visa and MasterCard credit card companies to help business merchants negotiate transaction processing costs. Credit Card Phone Number Directory - Credit Card phone number directory. Directly call a credit card company, toll free. AAA Platinum Visa� Card (888) 215-3049 AARP Rewards Platinum Visa Card (888) 215-3049 AARP Travel Plus Visa� Signature Card (888) 868-8618 Academy of General Dentistry Platinum Visa� Card (888) 215-3049 AccountNow Vantage Prepaid MasterCard (866) 925-2036 Keep Credit Card Accounts - With high risk loans outstanding and the threat of federal legislation on the horizon, credit card companies are closing some customers' credit card accounts in an attempt to save money. New Credit Card Company Rules Regulations - The federal government is proposing new credit card company rules and regulations to ensure cardholder fair treatment, particularly bad credit cards. Unfortunately, this may create higher interest costs for good credit people and no credit card offers for poor credit people. Store Charge Cards And Gas Credit Cards - Some people don't want; or don't qualify for, regular unsecured credit cards, and choose store charge cards and gas credit cards instead. Here are free tips for using them. Tips for Using Store Charge Cards and Gas Credit Cards. Negotiate Credit Card Interest Rate - If you've been a good customer with your credit card company, you can negotiate a lower credit card interest rate .Lower Credit Card Interest Rate A $5,000 charge at 16% interest could be paid off in 1 year with monthly payments of $453.65. But, let's raise the interest rate. That same $5,000 charge with a higher 22% interest rate would cost you $467.98 per month. Gas Credit Card Rewards - With fuel prices high, everyone can use some financial assistance. Gas credit card rewards can offer some relief via cash back. Filling up the gas tank is expensive and the cost could get worse. Using a gas rewards credit card may offset some of the cost if you have a good rewards rate, but you'll need to tactfully manage your credit. Whether or not you use a gas credit card, your gas cost is going to be the same. Best Credit Card Benefits+Rewards - Credit cards get more than their fair share of bad press, but the truth is that most credit card problems are with the cardholder, not with the card itself. Just like the saying "guns don't kill people, people kill people", a similar statement of "there are no bad credit cards, only bad credit people" could be said regarding credit cards. Credit cards offer us all sorts of benefits and perks. Sadly, many of these go unused by cardholders. ATM Debit Card Fraud Tips - In support of ATM & Debit Card Safety Awareness month, PULSE; a Discover card product, offers tips on ATM and debit card use for privacy protection and to prevent fraud. Instantly Approved Pre Pay VS Platinum Rewards - With multitudes of card offers; ranging from instantly approved pre-pay cards to no deposit platinum rewards cards, how do you choose the best credit card? Before you compare perks and benefits, first weed out cards that may not help you. Subprime Credit Card Lawsuit - The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) files a lawsuit against CompuCredit and Jefferson Capital for its marketing of a subprime credit card. Will this end bad credit cards altogether, leaving only platinum rewards cards that only the rich and affluent will qualify for? If so, how will poor credit consumers be able to obtain an unsecured credit card to rebuild credit? Avoid Over Limit Fees - In a previous article, we warned how some credit card companies were reducing maximum charge limits as they faced high risks of default in a trouble economy. Unfortunately, this jeopardizes many cardholders by making them closer towards exceeding their max charge limits. Here are ways to prevent going over-limit. Credit Card Secrets - Credit Card Secrets: Hidden facts you probably didn't know. Submit an online credit card application for any credit rating. Call To Activate: You've seen those little peel off warning labes that come stuck onto your new credit card, that tell you to call a toll-free number in order to activate your card. Some even proclaim it's for your personal protection. Credit Card FAQs - Common questions turned into credit card facts. Apply for a good or bad credit card. Choosing between the best credit card offers can be hard. Consider a no interest 0 intro balance balance transfer, a pre-pay ATM or a pre-paid debit secured credit card, or unsecured credit card benefits that offer travel, miles, discount and vacation rewards. Your Credit Card Rights - Recently the Federal Reserve proposed new credit card rules that would eliminate several unfair practices in the credit and banking industry. If passed, these new rules will become your credit card rights. Apply for rewards or 0 introductory balance transfer credit card offers. Need help repaying credit card debt? Request credit counseling assistance or unsecured debt consolidation today. Cancel Credit Card Account - Tired of credit card debt? Before you cancel credit card accounts, read this article. Also learn about credit card debt consolidation, counseling and chargeoffs and debt settlement. Close Credit Card Account - Close Credit Card Account. Free sample letter on how to close credit card accounts. Need a new card? Browse the best credit card offers and apply online. Sample Letter To Close Credit Card Account Credit Card Application - Browse for the secured or unsecured credit card that is best for you, with or without rewards. Submit your MasterCard or Visa credit card application online. Best Credit Card Rate - Learn which offers the best credit card rate, a variable rate or a fixed rate credit card? Variable Rate Versus Fixed Rate Credit Cards The interest rate for variable rate credit cards is a rate that is added onto the prime rate, which the Federal Reserve regulates. When the fed raises the rate, the Variable Rate charged to the cardholder also goes up. Extra Joint Spouse Credit Cards - In addition to having a joint spouse credit card, there are occasions when you may want to have extra credit cards for rewards or other perks. Submit your good or bad credit card application online. Credit Cards Vs Checks - According to a Visa survey, more companies plan to increase use of business credit cards instead of paper checks for making payments. Browse and apply for a consumer or a business credit card. Visa's global survey revealed 74% of respondents are satisfied with their commercial credit card payment programs. 50% of respondents currently use commercial cards to make payments as part of their overall cash management strategies. Student Credit Card Advice - Free advice about college student credit cards. Tips to get the best card for you, prevent high balances and to get a good credit score. Bad Credit Card Rap - Credit cards suffer a bad rap, much of which is undeserved. There are both good and bad credit card features. Browse secured and unsecured credit card offers and apply online. Federal Credit Card Survey Ratings - Bi-annual Federal Reserve System survey of plan terms offered by financial institutions and credit card issuers. The credit terms include type of plan; variable or fixed interest rates as well as other credit card rewards such as purchase discounts, travel points and cashback. Credit Card Interest Rate OptOut - If your credit card issuer has notified you that your card's interest rate will increase even though you don't have bad credit, you could negotiate a lower rate, optout completely (which will require you to payoff the balance), payoff balances in full each month so you won't have any interest charges. Really Free Credit Report with No Credit Card - What consumers need to understand, is that there are many different ways to get a free credit report, but there's only one website that offers a truly, really free credit report with no credit card required. Many of the websites offering a free credit report copy do so as a promotional means. Gas Cards with Rewards - Want to get cash back when you put gas in your auto? Some gas cards with rewards include cash back when consumers charge for fuel or other auto related expenses. Many gas cards offer low introductory interest rates, rewards, and bonuses. Sample Credit Card Dispute Letter - Print this free, sample credit card dispute letter to send to your card company. Fill in the parenthesis ( ) to modify this free sample credit card dispute letter to have your card company correct a billing error Apply For A Balance Transfer Credit Card - Browse and apply for a 0 intro balance transfer credit card, but first read our free tips and advice on what to look for before submitting your application. Canceling Credit Cards Causes Bad Credit - Canceling credit cards could cause bad credit if you reduce your credit history and available credit limit. With all the ads to eliminate credit card debts and the hype about cutting up those credit cards, consumers could be also cutting down their good credit scores. Some consumers have a credit card that was obtained years ago - this is a big plus and especially if the charges are paid on time and in full - an added plus. Credit Card Interest Rate Rights and Options - If your issuer notifies you of a credit card interest rate increase, can you reject the higher rate? Learn your options and rights. How To Qualify for Credit Cards - With unemployment and low income problems, mounting debt and delinquent payments, Americans are wondering how to qualify for credit cards and rebuild bad credit. One thing is for certain--- as banks reel from the affects of their previous high risk lending to bad credit people, such people cannot soon expect large credit limit unsecured credit card offers. Joint Credit Card Accounts - Apply for and review these free tips for managing and sharing a joint credit card account. Most gold and platinum unsecured credit cards offer an additional spouse card. No Fee Free Credit Card Offer - Is it really a no fee, free credit card, or only free if certain terms and conditions are followed? In addition to knowing if; and when, fees are applied, consumers should also be aware of credit cards that have too many extra charges for services such as creating the account, monthly management and credit limit increases. Secured cards for consumers with bad credit often have such outrageous costs. Credit Card Holder Rights Act - Whether you have good or bad credit, the Credit Card Holder Bill of Rights Act is to protect you. Review free credit card tips for getting the best deal for secured and unsecured credit cards, and advice on managing accounts from gold to platinum. Best Credit Card Deal Gone Bad - Chase; considered by many to have offered one of the best credit card deals for people carrying a large balance, has reneged on an agreement and upset card members. Some Chase credit card members are suing the company for failure to fulfill promises. A few years ago, the company offered a Chase balance transfer credit card which promised a low rate for the life of the balance as long as the credit card remained in good standing. Credit Card Opt Out Agreement - Does your issuer offer a credit card opt out agreement? Recently some credit card companies have raised the interest rates on millions of credit card holders. Both Citibank and Bank of America raised the rates and sent notifications about the increase. Contacting the credit card company to discuss the rate hike may be in your best interest. Federal Credit Card Survey Ratings - Bi-annual Federal Reserve System ratings survey of plan terms offered by financial institutions and credit card issuers. The credit terms include type of plan; variable or fixed interest rates as well as other credit card rewards such as purchase discounts, travel points and cashback. Choosing the Lowest Interest Rate Unsecured Credit Cards - Free tips on choosing the lowest interest rate unsecured credit cards, from gold to platinum rewards. Credit Card Limit Cut - Was your credit card limit cut? Your options, and why government law pushed your credit card company to cut your max limit. Chargeoff Credit Card Debt To Avoid Bankruptcy - If you are near bankruptcy, you may want to chargeoff credit card debt either yourself for free or by hiring a debt settlement company to negotiate on your behalf. The credit crisis and bumbling government legislation have created a catastrophic domino effect. After consumers had tapped out their mortgage equity and had no where else to turn, they ran up credit card debts. Settle Credit Card Debt - Some consumers have been living off their credit cards by using them for simple things like rent, groceries, or other basic expenses. One reason may be that many consumers have lost their jobs during this economic crisis. Many have maxed out several credit cards and the late fees and high interest rates are getting them deeper in debt. Did you know? A debt settlement company is more experienced and can negotiate a larger settlement amount. Credit Card Medical Bill Payment - With consumers charging more of their medical bills on credit cards, we should wonder why all credit card companies don't create a special health credit card. Due to job losses, some people make medical bill payments with a credit card.  The medical profession certainly would like to be paid by credit card. Many medical offices proudly display a sign if they accept credit cards and they may accept several card types. Close Credit Card Account - Should you; and instructions how, to close credit card accounts and the letter to send to the credit card company. High balance debt may drive you to terminate credit cards, but reducing credit limits could cause bad credit report scores. If you have problems with bills, develop a budget and a money management plan, seek counseling, consolidation or debt settlement. Who Pays Joint Credit Card Account - You may be surprised to learn who pays joint credit card accounts. Options to cancel a joint account or to remove a spouse name from a joint account, including payoff and negotiating a debt settlement. Best Credit Card Company - Whether you want a secured or unsecured credit card for bad credit or excellent credit, first review the best credit card company ratings before you submit your online application. Cancel Credit Card Advice Question - Burdened with credit card debt, some Americans are canceling their accounts while others are simply cutting them up. While keeping the account open is actually good for your credit score versus closing the account, by leaving the account open you could leave yourself open to fraud, too. But what do you do if you dispose of credit cards before canceling them? Credit Question: ATM Debit Card Tips for Secure Handling - Review our free ATM debit card tips for secure handling of your card and withdrawals. What is a credit card chargeoff - Typically a charge off is when a creditor, bank, or bill collector writes off a balance as "bad debt" because they believe they can't collect the debt. Usually this happens when a person has not made any payments for six months or longer. The lender will still try to collect the debt and then write as a charge off. They can report the charge off to credit bureaus. ATM Debit Cards and Rebuilding Credit - Facts and benefits of Debit Cards and how a credit card can rebuild credit. Balance Transfer and How to get the Best Credit Card Deal - Read our article before you balance transfer debt, and learn how to get the best credit card deal. Balance Transfer Credit Card Offers, Tips and Advice - Get the maximum benefit of 0 intro balance transfer credit card offers by reading these free tips and advice. New Credit Card Account Advice - Free credit card account advice about the rates and fees for new card offers before you submit an application. Bad Credit Card Application Advice - When you need a credit card for bad credit, consider banks and credit card companies that specifically offer subprime cards to rebuild credit scores. There's no sense in wasting your time; and having unnecessary inquiries into your credit report, by applying for high limit or rewards cards. Advice to Rebuild Credit with a Credit Card - The purpose of a credit card to rebuild credit scores is to re-establish a positive credit history. Use the card to make small purchases that can be paid in full each month. Secured Prepaid Cards and Unsecured Credit Cards - Credit card tips: There are a lot of choices and variables to choose from, whether you want a secured prepaid card or an unsecured credit card. Credit Card Deals and Education - There are different kinds of credit cards not only for various credit scores, but also for special uses from establishing or rebuilding credit to earning rewards. With credit card education you will be best able to choose the right deals for you. Christmas Credit Card Shopping - Get shopping rewards through special Christmas credit card offers. Christmas Credit Card - Christmas credit card and shopping tips. Best Christmas gifts are low interest credit cards. But use it safely! Read our free Christmas Card Shopping Tips, and apply for your Christmas charge card. Click to Read More! What is Worse than a Credit Card? - With all the government focus on credit card company operations, the real financial thieves remain untouched. Cellular phone companies have far worse negative impacts on consumers' finances. According to a 2009 report by, the average consumer spent $600 a year on cell phone use, but families that talk, text, or use other phone features spend upward of $1,800 a year. Dwell on that for a moment. Credit Card Comparison Guide - Review credit card comparisons of introductory interest rates and special rewards offers to help you choose the good or bad credit card right for you. Note: Rates and Rewards are as of the date of this article, and are subject to change. For updated rates and rewards information, please refer to the respective card issuer website. Good or Bad Credit Card - Credit card issuers are trying to change their image from bad to good. Maybe the bad rap credit card companies get from the federal government and by people who spend beyond their repayment means, are motivating card issuers to improve their image. To help college students and others make their credit card bill payments on time, Chase offers text message alerts. Tips Before Submitting Credit Card Applications - Free credit card tips: Credit cards are very useful as a back up when you have no cash on hand The problem with credit cards is high interest rates or finance charges and also the temptation of spending more than you can afford; like the old saying, " living beyond your means". Credit cards serve as a very important factor to obtain good credit if you pay off your balance monthly. Platinum Credit Card Prequalification - Why is a platinum credit card only for good credit people? Read our credit card article to learn about prequalification. Choosing a credit card right for you. - Article: Choosing a Credit Card Offers - which is best and best for you? Not only are there different issuers, there are many different types of credit cards, so how do you choose a card that's right for you? Prepaid Credit Card - Apply online, and learn he Benefits of a Pre-paid Credit Card. Read our free article: No Deposit Credit Card - No deposit credit card: Apply online, and read our credit card article. Preapproved Credit Card - Learn what is a preapproved credit card and apply online. You may already be pre-approved. Read our credit card article: What kind of card can I qualify for? - Have a difficult time choosing a credit card so you just apply for a lot of cards? Don't jeopardize your credit score and make bad credit even worse. Why People Choose Credit Cards - Credit Card News - People choose credit cards because the benefits can outweigh the bad. People who can control their spending urges to avoid debt, enjoy the security credit cards offer as well as the rewards. Sure, there are a lot of Americans who are neck deep in credit card debt, whether at the fault of the user or the credit card issuer is another story. Credit Card Error Codes: Response Reason Codes and Response Reason Text - RESPONSE CODE RESPONSE REASON CODE RESPONSE REASON TEXT NOTES    1 1 This transaction has been approved. More Easily Understand Credit Card Agreements - developed a shorter, simpler credit card agreement that spells out the terms for the consumer. Note that this is not a model form, and use is not mandatory. This simplified approach will help consumers better understand their credit card agreements. Get Out of Christmas Credit Card Debt - Free tips and advice on how to get out of Christmas credit card debt. Did your credit cards gain a few pounds over the holidays along with you? It is fun to make charges on credit cards during the holidays and see the joy that gifts bring. That is until the credit card statements glare at you from inside the mailbox. Just like we put on extra pounds - so will credit card balances during the holidays. Chargeoff Christmas credit card debt - File bankruptcy or chargeoff Christmas credit card debt and other unsecured bills. If you've exhausted all solutions for meeting your financial obligations, it may be in your best interest to file bankruptcy. Although bankruptcy is much the same as simply not repaying debt, it's a legal chargeoff procedure. Credit Cards VS Charge Cards Which Is Better - Credit cards and charge cards serve the same basic purpose... to charge purchases for payment later. As such, the term 'charge card' is often used to describe both although there are important differences. Should I pay off my credit cards or my car loan first? Which option would save me the most money? - In most instances, focusing on paying off credit cards vs auto loans not only saves you more money, but may also help improve credit more, too. Using our free financial calculators, you can determine for yourself which option would save you the most money in interest. Let's review a comparison example: Bad Credit Debt Consolidation Loan to Pay Off Credit Cards - I'm a non-homeowner and I don't qualify for a debt consolidation loan. Is there a way I can get a bad credit loan to pay off credit card debt? One way to get a relatively low interest, long term loan is to use the equity in your vehicle to secure a loan. If you still owe money on your auto and don't hold the title in your name due to a lien, apply for a refinancing loan. Democrats Allow Higher Credit Card Fees - Obama's consumer financial watchdog agency is allowing credit card companies to charge big upfront fees, which is likely to affect subprime, bad credit borrowers the most. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau acknowledged its proposal would increase costs for some cardholders and allow banks to charge more in fees. New Jersey Democrats To Hijack Idle Gift Card Balances - Democrats of New Jersey are eye-balling the unspent balances of their state residents' gift cards. These unused balances could be used by the state to pay its own bills. Soon, New Jersey will require gift card sellers to obtain ZIP codes from buyers so it can claim unused balances of resident cards that have been inactive for two years. What is the difference between a charge card and a regular credit card? - Charge cards are a type of credit card that require you to pay the full amount you've charged each month. There are no periodic finance charges, and charge cards often come with rewards.  Credit cards offer a revolving line of credit, meaning that consumers may carry a balance from month to month rather than having to pay the balance in full every month. Use Extra Money to Payoff Credit Card Debt or Put in Savings Account - A reader asks: "I came into enough money to payoff my credit cards. What should I do. Payoff credit card balances or put that money into a savings account? " Answer: You can win with either option. The option which can save you the most money is to payoff credit card debt. You would save the card's interest charges you would have had to pay, which is a far higher rate than what a typical bank savings account pays. Credit Cards by Credit Score Rating - Not sure what credit cards you qualify for? Instead of wasting time submitting multiple applications, review credit score requirements and use a credit card matching service. Can a Credit Card Company Place Lien on Property? - Actions a Credit Card Company or Other Lender can take Against You for Default Non-Payment: Civil Court Law Suit: When you don't pay your credit card bill or other loan, your credit card company, lender or a third party collection agency could file a law suit in civil court to sue for payment. Be a Smarter Credit Card Comparison Shopper - There are fabulous card offers out there, but don't fall victim to glitz and hype. Here are free tips on how to be a smarter credit card shopper. Most Popular Credit Cards - Review the best and most popular credit cards for gas purchases, sky miles, travel and balance transfers. Getting Your First Credit Card - Common mistakes to avoid when getting your first credit card. Credit Cards for Travel Benefits Abroad - If your vacation leads you overseas, compare the best credit cards for traveling abroad. Add Child as Authorized User on Credit Card - Is it wise to add a child as an authorized user on your credit card? It's hard for teens to establish credit since credit options on their own are limited. In most cases they can't get a line of credit without a cosigner or by being an authorized user. For that reason, many parents choose to add children to their accounts. Vacation Travel Credit Cards - Part of your vacation planning should include which travel credit card to pack along for hotel, motel, airline sky miles and other rewards. Capital One Credit Cards for All Credit Scores - Whatever your credit history, Capital One has a credit card (or secured card) for you.*See website for changes, updates, and for full terms and conditions Student Credit Card Use Tips - How student credit cards should be; and should not be, used. There's no arguing how convenient and life-saving credit cards can be, yet it's equally evident how they can be abused and cause long-term problems. Smart Student Credit Card Management - Read these tips on how best to use; or not use, student cards: Best Credit Card for Gas - The single, best credit card for gas and travel, meets two predominant requirements: the card which best meets your needs, and the one which you qualify for. With that in mind, here are several cards for you to consider. Are Paperless Credit Card Billing Statements Better - You may think paperless billing statements are better for the environment and offer more ID theft protection, but consider the cons. If you elect to go paperless, you'll no longer receive a credit card statement in the mail. Instead your statement is available online to view, download, save and print. Your credit card company will send you a monthly notification email when your statement is ready. Advice for Common Credit Card Problems - During our use of credit cards, certain situations arise for many of us. Here are some which may; unfortunately, happen to you and what you can do. If your credit card interest rate goes up... You can do one of four things:1) Accept the rate increase2) Opt-out of the rate increase, which may result in your card not being renewed or you must payoff current balance3) Stop using the card. First Credit Card Application - Advice for submitting your very first credit card application, receiving and understanding important issues before making your first purchase charge. Affects of Maxxing Out Credit Cards - If you have; or are about to, max out credit cards, you need to be aware of the affects it can have on other credit. Although you may be aware that the issuer may charge an over-limit fee, many people are ignorant as to how this impacts other financial areas. First Time Credit Card and Loan Applicants - How first time credit applicants get approved for credit cards and loans. First timers usually dive in and start submitting credit applications, not knowing that doing so could be a waste of time as well as endanger their credit score with too many unnecessary inquiries. As with any situation, preparation is key. The very first consideration is what credit can you expect to get? Retail Credit Card Rewards - There are plenty of store cards, yet weigh all retail credit card rewards, terms and conditions before you apply. Many of the rewards are restricted to the stores themselves; some also restricted to in-store shopping and do not apply to online purchases, and introductory perks often fall short. The following retail rewards credit cards feature benefits that can be redeemed with specific retailers. Types of Banks for Credit Cards and Business or Personal Loans - Three types of banks to choose to meet your needs for business or personal loans and credit cards, Retail banks: A retail bank is a bank that works with consumers. These banks provide basic banking services to the general public, including:* Checking and savings accounts* CDs* Safe deposit boxes* Mortgages and second mortgages* Auto loans* Unsecured and revolving loans such as credit cards Save Money with Back to School Credit Card Rewards - Take advantage of back to school credit card rewards to save money on student expenses. Some people use credit cards to buy back-to-school supplies because they are short on cash, and others use charge on credit cards to earn rewards and maximize their money. School supplies can get costly even with just one child, so it makes sense to get the most with your money. 0 Intro Credit Card Reviews - The longest 0 introductory credit card offers. Review this listing of 0% intro cards of up to 18 months for purchases and balance transfers. How to Choose a Credit Card for Christmas - What can be more confusing that filing IRS taxes? Choosing a credit card! With so many variables in interest rates, points, rewards, introductory periods, balance transfer programs and the confusing terms, it's no wonder it's difficult to choose a credit card for Christmas purchases. How to Negotiate Christmas Credit Card Debt Settlement - It's not unusual to go into the holidays with debt already on your credit cards, and then adding yet more charges. This holiday snowball can end up causing extreme financial stress on you and your family. If you've accumulated a mass of credit card debt which you simply cannot afford to repay and if you have no other options, you may want to consider a Christmas credit card debt settlement. Get out of Credit Card Interest Reduction Scams - The FTC requires credit card interest reduction companies to not charge a fee until after the service is performed. So if you've paid a fee before they've helped you, you can pursue a refund. Amendments to the FTC's Telemarketing Sales Rule prohibit companies that sell relief services like these rate reduction scams on the phone from charging a fee before they settle or reduce your debt. Reverse Credit Card Payment - How to Reverse a Credit Card Payment Charge with your card company issuer or with the merchant seller. Credit Card Grace Period Explained - You know what it is yet you may be surprised by what you don't know. Review our Credit Card Grace Period Explained article. General Financial and Credit Card Account Sharing - There are pros and cons involved with general finance and credit card account sharing, yet mostly negative. There are some surprising ways another person can impact your credit score. We're all already aware of the impact identity theft has, so in this article we will discuss authorized credit entanglements, as well as the pros. Lesser known negative impacts: Someone else's use of your car can affect your score. Manage Credit Card Accounts - There's the wrong way and the right way to manage credit card accounts to save money and protect scores. Credit Card Company Complaints - The Credit Card Companies with the Most Complaints. Credit Cards that Benefit Animals - For lovers of wildlife and pets, here are credit cards that benefit animals. Best Friends Animal Sanctuary - Chase Bank offers an affinity credit card that benefits the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Student Credit Cards - What to look for before applying for student credit cards. First thing you need to determine is what cards you qualify for. Once you narrow down the list, then you can begin comparing offers. In your side by side comparisons, look at the following: What is the credit limit What is the interest rate/ Is there an annual fee or any other fees What is Credit Card Blocking - The definition of credit card blocking and why it is used. Definition: Credit card blocking is when a company reserves a certain amount of money against your credit card limit. Why is credit card blocking used? Since most credit cards have limits on the amount of money that can be charged to the card, companies you are seeking services from want to make sure they get the amount they will charge before you max out the limit. Charge Off Christmas Credit Card Debt - How to Charge Off Christmas Credit Card Debt Yourself You don't need to hire a company and pay fees to charge off Christmas credit card debt. You can do it yourself, free. What Happens After You Swipe Your Credit Card - Everyone knows how to make a card charge, but what happens after you swipe your credit card in the machine? A near instantaneous series of actions transpire when use your credit card: As soon as you card is swiped, your card information is entered into the merchant's payment system (POS terminal). If you purchase online, that data is processed via the merchant site's e-Commerce software. How to get every cent from Gift Cards - Don't leave money on gift cards. But how do you spend money left over on a gift card without having to buy more then the card balance, and then add your own money? It has been estimated that 10 to 15% of gift cards are never redeemed, which totals a billion dollars in unspent, pre-paid money. To draw every cent from the balances of your gift cards, donate them charity. Credit Card Limit Lowered - What to do if your credit card limit is lowered by your issuer.  Did you credit card limit get lowered? You don't have to just sit back and take it, you do have options. Call your card issuer. Call the number on the back of your credit card and request your previous limit to be restored. These tips will make the issuer more open to returning your limit: Be polite and speak calmly Remind the issuer how long you've been their cardmember Credit Cards that can Only be Used for Gas - Browse these credit cards that can only be used for gas purchases. Hidden Credit Card Benefits - The best hidden credit card benefits are the ones right in your face. Free Credit Card Money - How rich people get free credit card money You already know about how to get free money to offset travel expenses by cashing in sky miles, or to help with motels, gas purchases, and even how to get cashback. Too often, we focus only on these direct ways to save or to gain free money. Usually we think about either a cash back card, or 0 intro card to give us more time to repay, or other rewards. How Using Credit Cards Affects Credit Score - Does the percentage of your credit limit used affect credit scores? Yes. Credit scores consider both your total balance to limit ratio (also called the utilization rate), and your balances as compared to the limits on each account. Why? Because how much of your credit limit used is an indicator of your credit risk when seeking additional loans or credit cards. USAA Credit Cards - Compare USAA Credit Cards which offer low rates, rewards, military benefits and no annual fees on select cards. The Affects of Just One Credit Card Late Payment - One mistake can be costly. Beware the affects of just one late payment on a credit card. Here are things likely to happen when you miss even a single credit card payment: Your credit card company will charge a late fee. BUT, if you've been a good paying cardmember, you may get them to waive this fee so call and ask. If they won't waive the fee, you'll see the charge (usually $15 to $35) on your next billing statement. Price Match Credit Cards - Price match credit cards may not be a new offer, yet it can save you plenty of money. Debit Card User Warning - Using a debit card is not as safe; and protected, and using a credit card. For example, if some theft hacks the terminal of a store you patronized with your debit card and he spends using your data, you could be held responsible for up to $500 in charges. Credit Card Cautions - Review credit card cautions so you can enjoy the very best of your card. Credit Cards that Increase Limit for Spending - Selection of credit cards that increase limit for spending on everyday purchases. Car Rewards Credit Cards - With an auto rewards credit card, you can earn points to use toward the purchase of a new car. If you're looking for an auto rewards credit card, read these reviews to decide which has the best terms for you. Chrysler MasterCard Review The Chrysler MasterCard lets you earn points toward a new Jeep, Dodge, Ram, Chrysler or Fiat vehicle with no annual fee. Toyota Rewards Visa Review Places Not to Use a Debit Card - Here are very risky places not to use a debit card for purchases. Retail Store Credit Cards Non Expiring - Retail Store Credit Cards May Not Have An Expiration Date Some retailers are doing away with expiration dates for their store cards. Credit Card Company Free Credit Scores - You may get totally free credit scores from your credit card company. Credit Card Benefits and Perks - Credit card companies offer less advertised perks and other benefits to cardholders. The reason; logically, is to entice customers in a competitive struggle against other credit card companies. READYdebit(R) Platinum Visa(R) Prepaid Card - Review Issuer Comments about the READY debit Platinum Visa Prepaid Card Quicksilver Cash Rewards Credit Card Benefits - Sit back and enjoy earning unlimited cash back Summary of Key Benefits: Earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, every day No rotating categories and no sign ups needed to earn cash rewards Save with a low intro APR on purchases and no annual fee Dispute a Billing Error to Credit Card Company - How to Dispute a Billing Error to Your Credit Card Company, including American Express, Chase, Citi, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, USAA, Bank of America, US Bank, Capital One, Wells Fargo, HSBC Bank and PayPal. How to Report Lost or Stolen Credit Card - How to Report Lost or Stolen Credit Card. Emergency contact telephone numbers to report lost or stolen credit cards, ATM or debit cards. First Time Credit Card Applications to Build Credit - Getting your first credit card can be scary and nerve-racking. Review first time credit card applications that help build credit. How to Compare Credit Cards - How to Compare Credit Cards by Reviewing Terms and Conditions, Interest Rates and Rewards What is Credit Card Churning - What is Credit Card Churning? It's earning rewards for submitting credit card applications. CashBack Rewards TD Credit Cards - Review TD Credit Cards Offering CashBack and Rewards Credit Cards that do Soft Pulls - Credit Cards that do Soft Pulls with No Credit Check Credit Cards that make You look Rich - There are some Credit Cards that make You look Rich, but the Best Require Excellent Credit and Wealth. Some credit cards make you look rich just by whipping them out and slapping them onto a counter. Particularly if the card is made of metal. Instead of cheap plastic snap, the sound of a metal card is almost like a trumpet blowing, announcing the King has arrived. PrePaid Credit Card Fees - Review PrePaid Credit Card Fees and Issuers Offering No Fees. Guaranteed Credit Card with High Limit - Guaranteed Credit Card with High Limit for Bad Credit People Unable to Qualify for Standard Unsecured Cards Credit One Bank Cards - Get the credit card that's perfect for you. Our cards are even available to those who have had credit problems in the past and those who may have little credit history. Pre-Qualify Here for Cards. See if You're Pre-Qualified. It's easy, fast and won't affect your credit score! Takes less than a minute.  Platinum Status 1% Gas Rewards Automatic Credit Line Increase Reviews� Free Online Monthly Credit Score Tracking Credit Cards You Can Use Right Away - Browse Secured and Unsecured Credit Cards You Can Use Right Away and Apply for Card Offers Most Costly Credit Card Perks and Rewards - Review the Most Costly Credit Card Perks so You can Decide if the Fees are Worth it. Credit Card Perks and Rewards are fantastic, but some are incredibly costly. These credit cards make you look rich because you pretty much have to be to afford them. American Express Centurion Credit Card has an annual fee of $2,500. Spot and Stop Credit Card Addiction - Are you truly poor or do you have a charging problem? How to spot and stop credit card addiction. Professional Assistance with Debt Here are signs that you may have a credit card addiction:* You conceal your charging habits from family members or partner. Most all of us are affected by guilt when we do something wrong. As such, hiding over-charging may be your attempt at concealing something you feel bad about which you know is wrong.





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Wal-Mart credit card. Benefits review and online application for the WalMart card or other store charge cards. Also consider a pre-paid credit card for greater flexibility.





Orchard Bank credit card program offers credit cards to those with little or damaged credit. We've helped millions of people obtain credit – Let us help you too.


Aspire Visa® Gold Card. Have bad credit or looking to re-establish your credit? Apply for an unsecured Aspire Visa® Card and receive a 30-second online response - no fee to apply.


Understand options for a credit card for bad credit and the meaning of pre-approved credit card offers. Choose an unsecured credit card, secured card, or an instant approval guaranteed card.

Free credit card interest calculator to calculate credit card payments and how long it will take to payoff balances. Learn how to avoid credit card debt. If you have excellent credit, you may qualify for a 0 intro balance transfer card. If you do not have excellent credit and are looking for a balance transfer, consider credit counseling instead.

Get help choosing a credit card that's right for you and your credit, and for your spouse if you need a joint credit card.

Understand that even a no deposit credit card may require an activation fee or an annual fee, and learn the difference between a guaranteed platinum card and a unsecured platinum credit card. Both offer an unsecured credit line, but only one is a true credit card which allows purchases wherever the major credit card is accepted, whereas the other only offers purchases from a pre-selected catalog.


Wal Mart card benefits:

The Wal Mart credit card is designed to benefit its card holders and those individuals who do a great deal of shopping at Wal Mart stores. Shopping at Wal Mart with the Wal Mart credit card offers numerous advantages to shopping with a normal credit card. First of all, with the Wal Mart card, there is no annual fee to pay. You will receive special financing offers and will have the option of choosing the date each month when your payment is due.

With the Wal Mart credit card, you will receive a three cents per gallon discount on gasoline purchases, you will be able to purchase prepaid phone minutes for five cents per minute, and can make in-store payments on your credit card bill at any Wal Mart or Sam's Club store. As you can see, if you are an avid Wal Mart shopper, the benefits to getting a Wal Mart credit card are great, and the drawbacks few.


Review credit card benefits of a pre-pay credit card and a debit card. More retail credit information.


Credit Card Shield Protection from Scanning

Shields or wallets sold as RFID blocking devices can make it more difficult for a thief with an electronic reader to scan your credit cards, but they don't entirely block transmission of card data. When Recursion's security experts tested 10 types of shields and wallets currently being sold to protect contactless cards, they found that none blocked the signal completely, and there was dramatic variability even among samples of the same brand. Recursion’s experts created a credit card sized jamming device for the wallet that prevents cards from responding to any reader.

One in-home solution is to create a shield constructed of duct tape and lined with aluminium foil. This may provide better protection than eight of the 10 commercial products, including a stainless steel RFID blocking wallet selling online for about $60.


Christmas charge card vs a credit card: There are occasions when it may be better to do your Christmas gift shopping with a charge card vs a regular credit card. 1) If you're concerned about long-running debt. A charge card is one you have to pay it off each month. 2) If you don't qualify for a large limit credit card and you need to charge a lot of gifts. 3) If you don't qualify for a regular rewards credit card, you can still get rewards with a charge card. 4) If you need purchase and/or travel insurance coverage a credit card offers, but you don't quality for a regular card. 5) If you'd rather carry a card vs cash while shopping. If you qualify for a regular credit card but not one which offers benefits or rewards; or if you don't qualify for a credit card at all, a charge card may be the best solution for you to get the most of your Christmas shopping.

Benefits of using a store card for Christmas purchases. Here are some retail cards for example - No-Fee Sears Card or Sears FinancialTM MasterCard®: * Earn 1 Sears Club™ Point per $1 everywhere the card is accepted; * Earn DOUBLE points at Sears everyday; * 1,000 points = $10 in free rewards at Sears - including travel; * Enjoy exclusive cardholder benefits, including special sales and competitive finance offers; * NEW - starting July 23rd, Sears Financial MasterCard cardmembers will enjoy the freedom of spending with no foreign currency transaction charges - usually 2.5 percent- when traveling abroad or making online purchases on international sites. / WalMart Credit Card: Earn up to 1% cash back on all purchases; Accepted everywhere you see the Discover® Network Acceptance Mark; Save 15¢ per gallon at participating Walmart gas stations in the U.S.; Receive your free monthly FICO® Score when you enroll in electronic statements online; Get a cash advance at the time of purchase; Pay no annual fee; $0 fraud liability. / Old Navy Card or Old Navy Visa Card - Reward points as follows: * 5 points per $1 spent at Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, Piperlime and Athleta; * 1 point per $1 spent everywhere else Visa® credit cards are accepted; * $10 Reward Card for every 1,000 points earned; * Redeem Reward Cards at Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, Piperlime and Athleta. Once you are a cardholder, you get to enjoy free online shipping on orders over $100, exclusive offers and promotions, advance notice of new trends and sale events, deals every Tuesday (such as 10% off at Old Navy, Gap and Piperlime and $10 Reward Card with a Banana Republic purchase), special birthday savings and access your account online 24/7. Besides, a cardholder can easily check the card balance, request a second card, make a payment, sign up for paperless statements, check rewards and review statement online. / Belk Rewards Card: The basic Belk Credit Card is called the Belk Rewards Card. It is available for anyone who spends up to $599 per year at Belk. It provides ten dollars in rewards for every four hundred rewards points accumulated. Reward points are provided at the rate of one point per dollar spent. There are also at least twelve exclusive sale events that are available only to cardholders every year. The Belk Rewards Card allows cardholders to perform account actions online, and no receipt is required for returns. There is zero fraud liability, and no annual fee.

The New Year may also be a great time to apply for a new credit card, or for an upgrade through your current credit card company. After Christmas, credit card companies experience a slump in additional credit card charges with some cardmembers, because they are focusing on paying off Christmas credit card charges and won't make further charges until they get their balances under control. That's bad for the credit card companies, because they want all of their members to continue making charges year round. To entice new cardmembers, some credit card companies will either offer higher rewards or will lower the credit approval requirements; or possibly even both. So this may be an opportune time for you to get approved for a new balance transfer credit card with a 0% introductory rate. You could balance transfer the Christmas charges to the new 0 intro card so you won't have to save on interest charges for a while.

Christmas Holiday Credit Card Charging: After you're done making your Christmas list and checking it twice, you have to decide how to fund for holiday spending. Here are some tips for using your credit card this holiday season.

Do not open up new credit cards to make purchases. If you must use credit, use the credit cards you have. Inquiries that are made when you apply for new credit cards hurt your credit. Plus, the extra debt won't be worth it next June when you're still paying it off.

Don't max out credit cards. Keep your credit card balances below 30% of your credit limit. Your credit utilization - how high your credit card balances are compared to your credit limit - is 30% of your credit score. The higher your credit card balances, the lower your credit score.

Don't take a stack of credit cards when you shop. Take the one or two credit cards you're going to use. First, you might have too many credit cards. You shouldn't take them all with you because the risk of credit card theft is higher during the holidays. The more credit cards you have with you, the more that can be stolen.

Be careful that you don't end-up spending more by using a card. Set a predetermined spending limit and stick to it. Rather than swiping your credit card to your heart's content, decide how much you can afford to charge and use that number as your guide. You'll have less debt to worry about paying in the new year.

Don't charge gifts if it's becuase you don't have enough cash. Buy inexpensive gifts. Despite what advertisers want you to think, you don't have to shop until your wallet drops to have a good time during the holidays. Look for inexpensive gifts that your family and friends would love. Check out these lists for great gift ideas that you can afford.

Payoff charges quickly. If possible, pay your balances in full in January. Paying your balance over several months - or worse, years - means the gifts end up costing more than what they would have if you'd just paid cash. You'll save money in interest charges if you pay your balance in full when you get your first statement after the holidays. That's the great part about setting a budget and charging only what you can afford.

Christmas Credit Cards with Holiday Rewards

If you already have a rewards card, you may have points or cashback waiting you for to redeem. If so, you might want to use those to make additional purchases to earn even more rewards.

Read the issuer's details on how to earn and redeem rewards so you can maximize their value. It's common for points or cashback to be increased for certain times of the year or for select purchases.

Once you know the Christmas gifts you want to buy for each recipient on your Santa list, check your rewards program. Here are tips on how to cash-in Christmas credit card rewards:

Redeem for merchandise. Many card issuers offer portals to online shopping malls where you can buy merchandise with rewards points. Even if you don't have enough rewards to cash in, you may still earn bonus points.

Trade rewards for gift cards. Though this may be considered a 'cold gift', it is nonetheless the number one most requested present for the past several years.Some issuers offer gift cards from major retailers and provide rewards to members for buying them. A member could get a $25 gift certificate for only $10.

A basic cash-back card has an easy to understand rewards program, but some cards have varying requirements for earning and redeeming. For example, Chase Freedom, Citi Dividend and several Discover cards offer rewards of up to 5% but only on quarterly rotating categories like home improvement purchases in the spring and hotels in the fall. To qualify you must opt in each quarter, and you have to plan your spending around each category. This can be difficult because sometimes the categories might not be announced well in advance. Spending in some categories might earn the maximum rewards only up to a certain amount, after which the percentage rewards are lower. 

Example Rewards Program: Chase Sapphire, Chase Freedom and Ink from Chase offer bonus rewards points and shopping discounts:

  • Cardholders can use rewards points to bid on popular holiday gifts such as PlayStation 3 or a Sony HDTV.

  • Cardholders will get an extra 10 rewards points for every dollar they spend at certain retailers.

  • Cardholders will get 10 percent or 20 percent off certain gift cards through Ultimate Rewards. They will also save 25 percent on purchases through the Ultimate Rewards site.


Credit Card Balances and Christmas Spending

To plan to be in control for using credit cards for Christmas shopping - you should have started in January! Yes, those people who plot and plan to get ahead of the game have probably been using their cards all during the year. This gave them the chance to spend and pay it off each month. It helped them keep their credit in good shape as they probably stayed below their credit limits. They are the ones who will not be stressed over credit card balances in January. If you were not the monthly planner, no problem, put it on your New Year's resolution list to be more prepared for Christmas earlier. 

So how can we experience those glad tidings of great joy concerning a high amount of debt on our credit card statement when we know we are going to be spending big time? Below are a few tips to avoid some stress:

1. Review credit card offers for one good card with perks you can really use.

2. Consider a card with low interest rates or zero intro rates for the longest time.

3. A cash back card can earn you money that may be used to pay some of your credit card balance.

4. If you travel, consider a card with travel perks.

5. Use only one card for charges to keep things simple and not risk loosing multiple cards.

6. Plan how you will pay off a big balance - will you use money you get for Christmas, a tax refund, or by paying off the balance each month.

Even for people who did not plan all year for Christmas, there are some ways to spend using a credit card and solutions to paying off the balance.

Christmas Holiday Card Shopping Cons: The holiday season is the biggest shopping season of the year. It's also the time when many Americans rack up thousands of dollars in credit card debt they can't afford to repay. If that's not enough to ditch your credit card during the holidays, here are more reasons you shouldn't use your credit card for holiday shopping.

1. You'll owe more money to credit card companies. If you already have a balance on your credit cards, holiday shopping will only add to the debt. Some people use that as an excuse to spend more, but the consequences are more time to pay off your debt, more interest paid to credit card companies, and less money for you to spend on other things.

2. You'll end up spending more than if you paid with cash. People who use credit cards spend more money than people who use cash. That's because you don't have a physical sign to tell you to stop spending, like the fact that you've run out of money. It's better to avoid credit cards completely and set aside some cash to do your holiday shopping.

3. You'll end up paying more for your purchases. One of the benefits of using credit is that you can pay later. However, that benefit comes at a cost. Because you pay interest on balances you carry beyond one month, you'll end up paying more for your gifts than they actually cost. If you already had a balance on your credit card, you won't get a grace period. Instead, interest starts adding up immediately.

4. You'll have less money in the New Year. Do you really want to spend the first few months in the New Year paying off holiday debt. By March, you'll be stuck with a credit card balance, but probably won't be able to remember how you got the balance in the first place. This Christmas, give yourself the gift of a debt-free New Year.

5. There's a higher risk of credit card fraud. Credit card thieves take advantage of increased holiday shopping, using it as their opportunity to snatch credit cards and even credit card numbers. Leaving your credit card at home reduces the risk that someone will steal your credit cards while you're shopping.

6. Interest rates could increase on the balance. In February 2010, new credit card rules will prevent credit card companies from raising rates on existing balances. But, banks still have almost 60 days once holiday shopping ends to jack your rates before the new rules go into effect. This unexpected increase in rates could leave you paying much more in finance charges than you expected.

7. You could spend more than you can afford to repay. There's a lot going on during the holidays. When you use credit cards for holiday shopping, it can be difficult to keep a running tab of what you're purchasing. In the end, you could end up with credit card bill so large, you can't repay it. That's the situation you want to avoid most of all.

Buying Gift Cards: is the official web site for the popular gift card destinations operated by Blackhawk Network Holdings, Inc. in over 180,000 retail stores nationwide. makes it easy to buy online popular gift card brands like Visa, Amazon, iTunes, Starbucks, Nordstrom and over 400 other retailers. You can purchase gift cards in a variety of denominations. Fulfillment options include eGift delivery by email and plastic card delivery by USPS or UPS. We serve both consumers and businesses.

Blackhawk Network Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: HAWK and HAWKB) is a leading prepaid and payments network, which supports the program management and the physical and digital distribution of a large range of prepaid products. Blackhawk Network utilizes proprietary technology to provide consumers a wide selection of gift cards, prepaid telecom handsets, airtime cards and general purpose reloadable cards across a global network totaling more than 180,000 locations worldwide. Through Blackhawk's digital platform, the company supports prepaid products across a growing network of digital distribution partners including leading retailers, financial service providers, social apps, mobile wallets and other integrated physical-to-digital channels. Founded in 2001, Blackhawk Network is headquartered in Pleasanton, California with more than 1,000 employees, and offers products and services in the United States as well as 21 other countries.


Abercrombie gift card: Gift Cards are available in denominations from $25 - $200 and may be redeemed in the US and Canada at the Abercrombie & Fitch and abercrombie kids websites or store locations. Standard Shipping for Gift Cards within the US is on Abercrombie & Fitch. Gift Card Terms and Conditions * Gift Cards purchased online or in stores in the US and Canada may be redeemed in the US and Canada at the Abercrombie & Fitch and abercrombie kids websites or store locations. * Gift Cards sales are final and they cannot be returned or redeemed for cash unless otherwise required by applicable law. * Gift Cards cannot be applied as payment to any Abercrombie & Fitch credit card account. * When returning Merchandise that was purchased online using a Gift Card the original Gift Card will be credited. A new Gift Card will not be issued. * Gift Cards have no expiration date and there is no fee to reactivate the card if it has been unused for a long period of time. * Gift Cards cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. * Purchases in a currency different than the currency of this Gift Card will be subject to an exchange rate conversion on the day of payment. * Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase Gift Cards or E-Gift Cards. * The terms and conditions of Gift Cards are governed by the laws of the US.

Amazon Gift Card: Gift Cards are redeemable storewide and never expire. Finding the perfect gift for someone isn't always easy. has an incredible selection of products, but sometimes you just can't find the right gift for that special someone. Whether it's a birthday present, holiday gift, employee reward, a gift to celebrate a special occasion, or a simple gesture of appreciation, an Gift Card is the perfect present. Gift Cards are redeemable toward millions of items at and never, ever expire. Gift Cards can be purchased in almost any amount, from $0.15 to $2,000. Your recipient can spend their Gift Card right away or deposit it into their Amazon account and wait for that sale of a lifetime. Any Gift Card balance left over will stay in their account for future use. Gift Cards can be delivered several ways. Send Gift Cards by e-mail, post one on a friend's Facebook Wall, print your own gift card at home, or order an Gift Card by mail with FREE One-Day Shipping. Physical Gift Cards are accompanied by a free greeting card for almost any gifting occasion. Gift Cards can be purchased for immediate delivery or scheduled up to a year in advance by e-mail or Facebook, so you never miss an important date. Need a last-minute gift? Print an Gift Card on your home or office printer instantly, or drop by your local supermarket, drug, or convenience store that sells Gift Cards. You can also add an Gift Card to your Wish List, or Baby Registry or Wedding Registry to help friends and family buy you exactly what you want. Gift cards or gift certificates used to be considered an impersonal, “I didn't know what to get you” gift longer. Gift Cards can be tailored with a design and a personal message to make any recipient smile.

Auto Zone gift card: The AutoZone gift card is a declining-balance plastic card purchased by consumers at any one of AutoZones 4,000 plus U.S. stores and online and can be used towards the purchase of merchandise at any AutoZone store. The AutoZone gift card never expires and does not have any dormancy fees. to purchase an AutoZone Gift Card. What forms of payment do you accept for purchase of AutoZone Gift Cards? Online, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. There is a limit of $200 per gift card. Other tender types are accepted for in-store purchases. Can I buy AutoZone Gift Cards and have you send it to someone else? We can ship your Gift Cards to anyone with a valid street address in the contiguous United States. You can include a gift message with your Gift Card purchase. What is the shipping time? Shipping time will depend on the delivery method you select. for more details about shipping. How can I check the remaining balance on my Gift Card? To determine the balance available on a Gift Card, simply visit any of our 4,000 plus AutoZone stores and ask a cashier to check the balance for you. Currently, we are unable to provide Gift Card balances over the phone or online. Where can I purchase AutoZone Gift Cards? The AutoZone Gift Card is also available for purchase at any of our 4,000 plus AutoZone stores and at Can I use a Gift Card to purchase my online order? No. Currently does not accept Gift Cards as a payment online. We are working to include this payment option for customers in the near future.

BP gift card: BP Gift Cards are easy to buy and easy to use - the perfect gift for anyone on your list! They are available in convenient denominations and can be used at the pump and inside the store at almost 10,000 BP locations across the country. Treat a friend to high quality BP Fuels with Invigorate, food, car washes and more with the BP Gift Card. Order today! BP Gift Cards do not charge dormancy fees and never expire. Ignore language on older Gift Cards that state otherwise. To order by phone call us at 1-800-750-3064. Can I see my balance? Yes, the balance remaining on your card will be printed on your receipt. Also, use the Card Balance Online link below. Service station attendants may also be able to verify balances prior to dispensing fuel. Co-Brand Your Gift Card: Click here to learn more about custom options and co-branding for your business gift card orders.

Baby Gap gift card - Baby Gap Gift Cards at a Discount: Baby Gap is Gap, Inc's specialty brand of clothing and accessories for babies and toddlers up to age 5. You'll also find baby furniture and great nursery decorating ideas! These gift cards are redeemable in-store at any Gap location or online at all of the following:,,, and Check your Baby Gap Gift Card Balance: You can check the balance by calling 1.800.427.7895, by visiting a store, or Check Your Baby Gap Gift Card Balance Online.

Banana Republic Gift Card: The Banana Republic GiftCard ('Card') is issued by Direct Consumer Services, LLC, a California limited liability company, and may be redeemed for merchandise at any Gap brand, Banana Republic, or Athleta location, including Outlet and Factory stores. The Card may also be redeemed for merchandise at,,, or Purchases will be deducted from this Card until the value reaches zero. This Card may not be used or redeemed with certain promotional offers and may not be applied as payment on any account. Additional value may be added at any Banana Republic, Gap, Old Navy or Athleta location. Redeemable for cash when the balance is less than $5 or as required by law. Redeeming a gift card is easy. Just shop and check out as you normally would. During Checkout you can then enter your gift card number into the gift card entry fields on the Billing Page or the Order Review page. You will need to enter both the 16-digit gift card number and the 4-digit PIN on the back of your gift card. When you click the 'Apply' button, you will get a confirmation message indicating that the gift card has been applied to your order. You may apply a maximum of 5 gift cards per order. To enter more than one gift card, enter the first gift card number and 4-digit PIN and click the 'Apply' button. You will see a confirmation message that your gift card has been applied. Then enter your second gift card number and 4-digit PIN and click apply. You will see a confirmation message that your second gift card has been applied. To redeem an Athleta gift certificate, merchandise credit, or coupon received before July 2009, please call 1-877-3ATHLETA (1-877-328-4538). Checking the Balance on a Gift Card: You can check the balance on a gift card on the Billing Page in 'Checkout' or in 'Your Account'. In both places, you will see a link to 'Check Balance'. You can then enter the 16-digit gift card number and the 4-digit PIN on the back of your card and click 'Check Balance'. Then, we immediately provide you with the balance on the gift card. How do eGift Cards work? Our eGift Cards can be purchased through our websites by clicking on the eGift Card option from the Gift Card page. This will take you to our partner site - CashStar. To order an eGift Card, just choose the denomination and the card design or upload your own photo. Then enter the recipient's email address. Once the purchase has been completed, the eGift Card will be sent to the recipient within hours of purchase or on the date you choose. If lost, simply reprint the eGift Card. If stolen, contact CashStar Customer Support at 1-866-853-9918. Since this is a partner site, you will not be able to buy the eGift Card and other merchandise in the same transaction. The eGift Card can be redeemed online or in our retail stores. Just like our plastic Gift Cards, there are no expiration dates or fees.

Barnes and Noble Gift Card - Custom Gift Cards: Customized with your own photo and personal message. Comes with a greeting card. Design & Send Your Own Gift Card: Send an extra special gift card - adorned with your favorite image and enclosed in your own personalized greeting card. You can check your balance anytime. Just enter the card or validation number below. A PIN is required for most Barnes & Noble Gift Cards and Gift Certificates. What is the difference between a Barnes & Noble Gift Card and a Barnes & Noble eGift Card? Barnes & Noble Gift Cards may be purchased in any Barnes & Noble store or online and are redeemable both in stores and online at or websites operated by Barnes & Noble. A personalized message will accompany each card purchased online. Gift Cards usually arrive within 3-7 business days, but they can be sent using express shipping methods for an additional fee. Barnes & Noble eGift Cards may only be purchased online at or websites operated by Barnes & Noble. They are redeemable both in Barnes & Noble stores and online; however, our eGift Cards currently cannot be redeemed at Barnes & Noble College bookstores. eGift Cards can include a personalized message and are sent to the recipient via email seconds after your order is placed. Are eGift Cards accepted at Barnes & Noble stores? Yes, eGift Cards may be redeemed at Barnes & Noble or B. Dalton bookstores. Just print out your email, shop at any Barnes & Noble store and give the print-out to your cashier. Please ensure that your print-out includes a barcode (if one is present), certificate number and PIN. Please note that Barnes & Noble eGift Cards currently cannot be redeemed at Barnes & Noble College bookstores. How can I check the balance on my Barnes & Noble Gift Card or Barnes & Noble eGift Card? You can check your balance anytime. Just click on Check Your Balance and follow the instructions. You will be asked to enter the card or validation number. In addition, a PIN is required for most Barnes & Noble Gift Cards and all Barnes & Noble eGift Cards. To buy a Gift Card, go to any Barnes & Noble store or visit our Barnes & Noble Gift Cards & eGift Cards page. You may also reach this page by clicking on the 'Gift Card' tab located at the top of most pages. Gift Cards may be purchased in any amount between $10 and $350. To order by phone, simply click the 'Pay by Phone' button at the bottom of the Payment page. You may pay by phone for all items in your Bag. To use this method, please wait until you've received the confirmation email stating that your order has been received. Then, just call us at 1-800-THE-BOOK(1-800-843-2665): Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-11 p.m. ET, Saturday-Sunday (and Holidays) 9 a.m.-5:30 p.m. ET. Customers outside the U.S., please call 201-559-3882. If we do not receive payment information within 7 days of receiving your order, it will be automatically canceled from our system. If you do not wish to establish an account on our web site, we can still take your order over the phone. Just call us at 1-800-THE-BOOK (1-800-843-2665).

Bass Pro Shop Gift Card: Give a Bass Pro Shops Gift Card or eGift Card to your favorite outdoor enthusiast. Simply provide us with the dollar amount, and we'll custom tailor a Gift Card for you. All Gift Cards can be redeemed for online purchases, catalog orders, and purchases made at Bass Pro Shops retail stores. Give a Bass Pro Shops Gift Card to your favorite outdoor enthusiast. Simply provide us with the dollar amount, and we'll custom tailor a Gift Card for you. We'll mail the Card immediately and send a FREE Bass Pro Shops catalog. Gift Cards can be redeemed for online purchases, catalog orders, and purchases made at Bass Pro Shops retail stores. Gift Cards are mailed separately to the shipping address you specify. * Gift Cards are delivered in 3-6 business days via US Postal Service in the contiguous 48 states. * Express shipping is available. * Catalog(s) are shipped separately. * Free standard shipping to US zip codes. * Gift Card amounts are in US funds only. Bass Pro Shops eGift Cards provide a great way to send a gift almost instantly to your favorite outdoor enthusiast. Simply provide us with the dollar amount and we'll email an eGift Card that can be used immediately. eGift Cards can be redeemed for online purchases, catalog orders, and purchases made at Bass Pro Shops retail stores. * Most eGift Cards are delivered within four hours if ordered during normal business hours, otherwise they may take 4 to 24 hours to be delivered. * eGift Cards are usually delivered without any problems. However, a full inbox, invalid email address, or a spam filter can prevent the eGift Card from reaching the recipient. In order to be certain that an eGift Card has been received, please check with the recipient. * To ensure delivery of the eGift Card, please have recipient add to their safe sender's list. * eGift Card amounts are in US funds only.

Bath and Body Works gift card: With our exclusive Signature fragrances, the most sought-after names in beauty, gorgeous gifts for every occasion, and irresistible luxuries for bath, body and home, Bath & Body Works is the ultimate destination for endless pampering possibilities. To find the store nearest you, just call 1-800-395-1001. Bath & Body Works Gift Cards can be redeemed online, on the phone or in stores. Any unused balance will remain on your Gift Card and can be applied to future purchases. The gift cards never expire. A $2.95 shipping and handling charge will be applied for a physical merchant card with standard USPS mailing and $2.45 for a digital merchant card. If you are Shopping with a SuperCertificate then there are NO ADDITIONAL FEES.

Best Buy gift card: The benefits of Best Buy gift cards - * Buy and redeem online or in our US or Puerto Rico stores * Reload your card at any US Best Buy store * No expiration dates or maintenance fees * Safeguards against theft protect your purchase * Free shipping when purchased online. Let them choose the gift they want with a Best Buy gift card or e-gift card to use online or at any Best Buy store. Gift cards are available for many occasions and have no fees or expiration date. Plus, you can check your gift card balance online. The benefits of Best Buy e-gift cards: * E-gift cards can arrive in your recipient's e-mail inbox within minutes; or, you can select a future delivery date * Choose from different designs and personalize your message * No expiration dates or maintenance fees * Easy to give, use and manage * Cards can be redeemed online or in stores.

Big Lots gift card: Whenever you need to buy a gift, why not consider a Big Lots Gift Card? They're ideal for any occasion and recipients will be sure of getting just the present they want… because they get to pick out their gift themself! Plus, they're available in any denomination, so you can spend as much -- or as little -- as you want! Maybe it's the one-of-a-kind shopping experience. Or the unique and ever-changing mix of brand-name merchandise. Or perhaps it's just the thrill of the treasure hunt. But one thing's for sure - once you get a taste of closeout shopping, you'll never look at traditional retail the same way again. From everyday consumables and housewares to toys and seasonal goods, Big Lots offers amazing values that other stores just can't match. As the nation's largest broadline closeout retailer, Big Lots have the buying power to find and negotiate the best deals in the business. The result? Unbeatable bargains, with something new to discover every time. Plus stores that are genuinely fun to shop. It's a combination strong enough to break old shopping habits - turning more and more consumers into Big Lots closeout shoppers.

Blockbuster gift card: BLOCKBUSTER GiftCards® (GiftCards) and Value Cards purchased on or after 11/06/07 are not subject to any service fees or expiration dates. This new policy supersedes any language on the back of any GiftCard that you have purchased stating that there may be an expiration date. All other terms and conditions on the back of your GiftCard remain in effect. GiftCards sold prior to 11/06/07 remain subject to expiration dates as noted on the back of the GiftCard, unless prohibited by applicable law. For more details please call BLOCKBUSTER Customer Care at 1-800-406-6843.

Bloomingdales gift card: Fun, chic and ever stylish. Bloomingdale's is truly like no other store in the world. Just walk through the doors and you can feel the excitement created when designer looks and the latest trendsetting fashions are all captured in one place. The Bloomingdale's Gift Card - truly, the easiest way to chic-ness - can be purchased in any of our stores or online to make all those shopping wishes come true. For balance or customer service go to or any store, or call 1-800-511-2752. Bloomingdale's cards are redeemable only for merchandise and in-store services at Bloomingdale's, Bloomingdale's By Mail, and Bloomingdale's cards may be purchased as a gift or given in place of issuing a credit to a credit card or a proof of purchase return from another payment method. Returns may be applied to Bloomingdale's cards. The Bloomingdale's card may not be redeemed for cash or applied as payment or credit to any credit card account. Card receipts will show any remaining balance. Protect the card: the bearer is responsible if it is lost or stolen. Lost or stolen cards will only be replaced with proof of purchase and only for the value shown on our records. Bloomingdale's cards are issued by Bloomingdale's Gift Card, LLC. The card is required for all inquiries. Bloomingdale's Gift cards sold on or after 2/3/08 do not expire!

Brooks Brothers gift card: The Brooks Brothers Gift Card arrives ready to use in a blue folder showing the amount of your gift, along with a copy of our latest catalog. A Brooks Brothers Gift Card is a stylish choice, appropriate for any gift-giving occasion. All gift cards can be redeemed interchangeably at U.S. Brooks Brothers retail locations, factory stores, Brooks Brothers Country Club stores, 346 Brooks Brothers, online and by phone. About Your Gift Card: Gift Cards can be redeemed online, through the catalog, and in stores. You can combine other forms of payment with your Gift Card payment. For additional information about your Gift Card, find the answers to frequently asked questions. Check Your Balance: If you already have a Gift Card or have received Merchandise Credit, you can check the balance online.

Century Link gift card: Visa Gift Card Offer - Get the services you need in a CenturyLink Choice™ Bundle. For a limited time you can receive up to $250 on a Visa® gift card! Here's how it works: ADD one or more NEW qualifying services to your CenturyLink Choice™ Bundle (a home phone package and at least one other bundle-eligible service- and receive: $50 for new High Speed Internet with MSN Premium or Internet Prime or Choice Online (Phoenix and Denver); $50 for new DIRECTV® service available through CenturyLink or CenturyLink Choice TV (Phoenix and Denver); and $150 for a new CenturyLink Wireless plan (500 minutes or higher). That's a total of $250 on a Visa Gift card. *Bundle-Eligible Services - Long-distance Products: * CenturyLink Choice™ Unlimited Long-Distance * CenturyLink™ Mexico 180 * CenturyLink™ Mexico 360. Video Products: * CenturyLink Choice TV (Phoenix and Denver only) * DIRECTV® Service available from Qwest. Internet Products: * CenturyLink Choice™ DSL, DSL Deluxe or Premier Premium with MSN Premium or Internet Prime * CenturyLink Choice™ OnLine (Phoenix and Denver only)

Chase gift card: Give the gift of freedom: Freedom to choose their own special gift, that is. The Chase Gift Card can be used practically everywhere - electronics stores, department stores, online - wherever Visar debit cards are accepted. Need the perfect gift in a hurry? Try the Chase Gift Card. Use it for birthdays, weddings, or just to say 'thank you' - whatever the occasion. Choose any amount between $25 and $5001. Personalize your gift: When ordering online you can select an image, add the recipient's name and one of 18 messages, including 'Happy Birthday', 'Congratulations' and 'Thank You'. A safer solution: Be certain you are giving the gift that's easy to spend, safer than cash and never the wrong size, color or style!

Cinemark gift card: Several Options for your Perfect Gift: For your best friend, favorite teacher, parent, or any movie lover! Order Cinemark Standard Gift Card or PERSONALIZE the Gift Card with your favorite image. Personalized Gift Cards include your choice of Special Occasion Greeting Card (total package cost just $4.50!). You can choose to add a Special Occasion Greeting Card to the Standard Card design or use the basic carrier (only $1.95!). For all of your sales staff, employee birthdays, corporate events, or anytime! Order Cinemark Standard Gift Cards or PERSONALIZE the Gift Card with your logo or message. Personalized Gift Cards available at a reduced cost for bulk orders of 10+ Gift Cards (only $0.50 each!). Flat rate shipping also available for Standard Bulk Orders of Gift Cards (no extra per card cost!). Check Your Balance, or Sign In for More Options: Use the form on the right to check your card balance. Your 12-digit gift card number can be found on the back side of the card, beneath the bar code. Please note: Supersaver movie tickets are valid for a single admission at any Cinemark Theatre. They do not retain a balance and cannot be checked on this website. Redeem in-theatre. Example Supersaver number is 80402-1234-5678P. Cinemark gift cards can be used to purchase movie tickets, concession items or food and beverage items at the Caf‚ and Studio Eats Restaurants (located inside select theatre locations).

Circuit City gift card: * Available in almost any value and can be used on any products sold at * Redeemable online or over the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week * Your gift can be sent by email and received the next day. Check the balance of your Gift Card by entering the card number, including dashes below. If you have multiple cards, you'll have an opportunity to check the value after your first card balance is retrieved. You can apply Gift Cards to an order during the checkout process. Don't know what to get that special someone? makes it easy with our Gift Card of up to $1000. Simply fill out the information below and we'll mail (optionally e-mail) the personalized gift card to that special someone.

Claires gift card: A Claire's gift card is the perfect fit, and when you purchase one or more cards online we can send it directly to your family or friends! The Claire's gift card is available in $10, $15, $20, $25, $30, and $50 denominations and is redeemable at any of our stores. Gift cards are also available for purchase in all of our stores and select locations of many other retailers. Gift Card Terms & Conditions: Gift cards are issued by Claire's Boutiques, Inc. and are redeemable for merchandise only at Claire's, Icing or Icing by Claire's stores in Canada, the United States and Puerto Rico. Gift cards may not be redeemed for cash (except in CA, MA, MT, NJ, PQ, WA and VT to the extent required by law, and wherever else required by law) and will not be replaced if lost or stolen without presentation of an original receipt. To obtain balance information, call 1-888-476-4700. No expiration dates or service fees apply. To purchase a Claire's gift card online, you must have a valid credit card and your parent's permission if you are under 18 years of age. Follow the instructions below to purchase one or more gift cards.

Costco gift card: Costco has created another convenient way for members to pay for their purchases: The Costco Cash card. You must be a Costco member to purchase or reload Costco Cash Cards. Members and non-members may use the cash cards to shop at any Costco locaton in the United States, Puerto Rico or on Costco Cash balances may be used toward membership or merchandise. The Costco Cash card features include: * A convenient payment option in our warehouses, gas stations, and * No expiration date * Are rechargeable at any Costco warehouse location * Can be purchased in denominations from $25 to $1,000 * A supply card or gas card for businesses * A means to provide students with money for food, gas, or school and dormitory necessities, while being able to limit their spending * Balance can be accessed on, the warehouse 'red kiosk' or by calling the toll-free number on the back of the card. Costco Cash Cards are sent with zero balance. To activate, call the toll-free number that will be included with your card(s). For individual card purchases, please have the ship-to phone number available at time of activation. For orders of 2 or more cards, please activate all cards prior to distributing to recipients.

Cold Stone gift card: The only thing better than eating Cold Stone is..seeing the look on someone's face when you give Cold Stone as a gift! Well, okay, eating our ice cream is actually much more enjoyable. But fortunately, you can have your ice cream and eat it too. And it's always nice to spread the love. Besides, we all want to give gifts to people now and then, and you might as well give them something you know they'll absolutely love - Cold Stone ice cream! Share the Cold Stone Experience: The Cold Stone Gift Card is a pre-paid card that may be purchased and redeemed at any of our participating locations. The gift card is ideal for birthdays, holidays, sweethearts, employee incentives and more. The Cold Stone Gift Card is a pre-paid card that may be purchased and redeemed at any of our participating locations. The gift card is ideal for birthdays, holidays, employee incentives and more. eGifts: Cold Stone eGifts are perfect for celebrating everyday occasions. Say 'Thank you,' 'Thinking of you' or just say 'Hi.' eGifts are real, item-level gifts (e.g. a Signature Creation, a Shake) that can be quickly sent to a friend through Facebook or email. To transfer the balance on a gift card, please visit a participating Cold Stone Creamery location. Balances from multiple cards can be combined onto a single card as well.

Crate and Barrel gift card: One size fits all in a choice of Gift Card themes, as well as CB2 and The Land of Nod Gift Cards, each presented in an attractive carrier with your personalized message. Give a Gift Card, and give a gift to yourself with free shipping on Standard Delivery. We can only guarantee the authenticity of Gift Cards, eGift Cards and Shop Cards if they are acquired through,,, Crate and Barrel, CB2 or The Land of Nod stores, or by calling 800.323.5461. Gift Cards, eGift Cards and Shop Cards purchased through online auction and classified ad sites may be counterfeit or have a zero dollar balance and can be canceled at any time if determined to be fraudulent. Using paper Gift Certificates or Merchandise Credits: Gift Cards, eGift Cards and Shop Cards can be used at checkout online, in our stores and with catalogue phone orders. However, paper Gift Certificates or Merchandise Credits may not be redeemed online. You can still use your paper Gift Certificates or Merchandise Credits as a form of payment in our stores or by mailing them with your Catalogue order.

Cracker Barrel gift card: Looking for a gift to satisfy that country craving? Know someone who just loves browsing the store for new tunes or a favorite candy? Cracker Barrel Old Country Storer Gift Cards are the perfect gift, usable for restaurant or retail purchase. Best of all, Cracker Barrel Gift Cards have no fees and no expiration dates. Cracker Barrel Old Country Storer Gift Cards are the perfect one-size-fits-all gift. With our gift cards, you can enjoy homestyle meals in our restaurant or unique retail items in our old country store. Or both. Best of all, Cracker Barrel Gift Cards have no fees and no expiration dates. Even if the card states otherwise. Terms & Conditions: The following terms and conditions apply to any Cracker Barrel Old Country Storer Gift Card: Protect This Card Like Cash. No Fees. No Expiration Date. This card is offered by CBOCS, Inc., and may be applied toward any purchase or service at any Cracker Barrel Old Country Store. Except where required by law, this card will not be redeemable for cash or credit.

CVS gift card: CVS pharmacy Gift Cards - What better way to gift, reward or provide incentive to someone than with the CVS/pharmacy gift card! It can be used at any CVS/pharmacy location. Use the links below to purchase gift cards and check balances online. CVS/pharmacy gift cards make a perfect gift for friends & family, and now you have two choices. You can order gift cards and receive them by mail, or you can send a 'virtual' gift card by email. NOTE: CVS/pharmacy gift cards cannot be used online at, or to purchase any other retailers gift card or prepaid card that CVS/pharmacy may carry.

Dell gift card: No matter the season or the reason, giving a Dell Gift Card lets them choose exactly what they want. Whether looking for a powerful desktop, stylish notebook, there are countless options, accessories and styles to make yours truly unique. * Email a personalized gift card today or on the date you choose. * Mail a plastic gift card in preset denomination amounts of $50, $100, $150, $250, or $500 and receive it in a Dell Limited Edition Collectible Tin and Gift Card Holder. * Purchase gift cards in bulk for your business. Direct fulfillment and volume-based discounts available. If interested in e-Gift Cards, you will be contacted to complete your first order. Email a gift card: Build and email a personalized Gift Card for delivery today or on the date you choose. Gift card by mail: Send Gift Cards to yourself or send them directly to friends and family

Disney gift card: Give the Gift of Magic with Our Collectible Disney Gift Cards. Imagine the joy when your Disney Gift Card arrives! It's an exciting new way for cherished family and friends to shop, dine, stay or play the Disney way. They'll use it just like cash at any Disney Theme Park and Resort Hotel, on Disney Cruise Line®, at Disney Stores...and select key locations. Choose from a number of magical designs. Your card will arrive in a custom enclosure bearing your personal expression. The possibilities are endless. And the memories are forever. The Disney Gift Card can be used to purchase your favorite Disney merchandise and entertainment to bring the magic of Disney to Life. Give them to friends and family and allow them to shop, dine, stay and play like never before. Used just like cash, choose your favorite Disney designed card and use it at select locations at Walt Disney World® Resort in Florida, Disneyland® Resort in California, Disney Cruise Line®, Disney Store locations in the US and online at Gift Card Personalization: * It's easy to personalize your Disney Gift Card online order. * After selecting your Disney designed card select the personalized card carrier option. * You will be able to select from several Disney themed carriers and add special messaging. * Start your personalized order now.

Dillards gift card: Can't find the right gift? The all-occasion Dillard's gift card makes it easy -- and always fits perfectly. Various denominations are available from $10.00 to $1000.00 Our wedding gift card features a newly married couple in watercolors with the words 'I Thee Wed' on the front. Makes the perfect beginning for their happily ever after. What do they need most for their new little one? Don't just guess -- give them our 'Gift for Baby' gift card. It's perfect for every bundle of joy. What do they want for their birthday? Give them our colorful 'Happy Birthday' gift card and let them decide. Fun for any occasion, this festive gift card screams 'celebrate' in big, bright letters. Plus, it's always the right size, the perfect fit for anyone!

Dominos gift card: Benefits of all Domino's Gift Cards * Available in denominations between $5 and $100 * No expiration date and no service fees * Redeemable at more than 5,000 US Domino's Pizza locations * Can be used online, over the phone, or in stores. Email EGift Card: * Perfect last minute gift * Send now or schedule for the future * Several gift card designs to choose from * Personalize your gift. Order a Gift Card: Order a Traditional Gift Card: * Free standard shipping to billing address * Expedited shipping available * Personalized card carrier included.

EBay gift card: eBay Gift Cards are accepted via PayPal, so make sure that PayPal is accepted as payment on the listings of items you want to buy. Find the 13-digit redemption code on the back of your Gift Card or the redemption code from your Gift Certificate to pay for your purchase. Enter the redemption code into the 'Redeem a Gift Card, certificate, or coupon' section of the checkout page and click Apply. Almost anything listed on eBay can be purchased with your eBay Gift Card. The only requirement is that the listing must include PayPal as an accepted payment method, because you'll need to log into PayPal on checkout to redeem your Gift Card or certificate. What if my purchase costs less than the amount of my Gift Card? Once you use your Gift Card on, your remaining balance will be credited to your PayPal account. Here's how you can use your Gift Card balance to buy items on eBay.

Gap gift card: The Gap GiftCard ('Card') is issued by Direct Consumer Services, LLC, a California limited liability company, and may be redeemed for merchandise at any Gap brand, Old Navy, Banana Republic or Athleta location, including Outlet and Factory stores. The Card may also be redeemed for merchandise at,,, or Purchases will be deducted from this Card until the value reaches zero. This Card may not be used or redeemed with certain promotional offers and may not be applied as payment on any account. Additional value may be added at any Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic or Athleta location. Redeemable for cash when the balance is less than $5 or as required by law. Checking the Balance on a Gift Card: You can check the balance on a gift card on the Billing Page in 'Checkout' or in 'Your Account'. In both places, you will see a link to 'Check Balance.' You can then enter the 16-digit gift card number and the 4-digit PIN on the back of your card and click 'Check Balance'. Then, we immediately provide you with the balance on the gift card. eGift Cards Information: How do eGift Cards work? Our eGift Cards can be purchased through our websites by clicking on the eGift Card option from the Gift Card page. This will take you to our partner site CashStar. To order an eGift Card, just choose the denomination and the card design or upload your own photo. Then enter the recipient's email address. Once the purchase has been completed, the eGift Card will be sent to the recipient within hours of purchase or on the date you choose. If lost, simply reprint the eGift Card. If stolen, contact CashStar Customer Support at 1-866-853-9918. Since this is a partner site, you will not be able to buy the eGift Card and other merchandise in the same transaction. The eGift Card can be redeemed online or in our retail stores. Just like our plastic Gift Cards, there are no expiration dates or fees.

Gulf gift card - Gulf Oil Gift Card: Gulf Cash is now as easy to get as it is to use! Order Gulf Cash Cards Online! Orders Received Prior to 3pm Eastern Are Shipped Same Day! Great idea for: * Consumer and Wholesale Promotions * Employee Bonuses and Incentives * Attendance and Safety Awards * Fundraising Programs. The perfect gift for: * Anniversaries * Holidays * Birthdays * Thank You * Graduation * Students * Budgeting To order cards by phone please call 1-800-786-8028. Use the card at any of our 1,800 Gulf locations. Good for in-store purchases as well as at the pump! You may also purchase Gulf Cards at your local participating Gulf Station.

Hilton gift card - American Express Hilton HHonors Gift Cards: Give your family and friends experiences that will last a lifetime with the Hilton HHonors™ Gift Card. HHonors Gift Cards can be used at on-property restaurants, retail shops, golf courses and spas, and can cover any charge to the room folio. Accepted at all hotels within the Hilton Worldwide portfolio, this gift is sure to give extraordinary memories worth sharing. Your gift card purchase can total up to $5,000. Enjoy Your Gift Card Right Away: Sign the back of your Gift Card and you're set. Accepted at Over a Million Places: Virtually anywhere in the U.S. American Express Cards are welcome. You're Always Protected: If your Gift Card is lost, it can be refunded for the unused amount. Enhanced With Special Offers: You can save at participating merchants.

Home Depot gift card: The Home Depot has something for everybody. We can send gift cards to you, or mail them directly to your friends and family. Available in amounts between $10 and $500. They never expire and no service fees will ever be charged when purchasing or using a Home Depot gift card. Check a Gift Card Balance: The Home Depot Gift Card may be used toward the purchase of merchandise at and any of The Home Depot stores for up to the amount displayed. Home Depot EGift Cards: The Home Depot eGift Card Purchased through In addition to the plastic Gift Card, you can also purchase The Home Depot eGift Card through by clicking on the eGift Card option. This will take you to our partner site-CashStar. To order The Home Depot eGift Card, just choose the denomination and the card design or upload your own photo. Then enter the recipient's email address. Once the purchase has been completed, the eGift Card will be sent to the recipient within several hours or sooner. If lost, simply reprint the eGift Card. If stolen, contact CashStar Customer Support at 1-866-903-9161. Since this is a partner site, you will not be able to buy the eGift Card and other merchandise in the same transaction.

HP gift card: Great way to give merchandise from the HP Home & Home Office Store. • Available in any amount from $20 to $2,000 • Add a personal message • Free delivery within 7 days • No fees, no expiration date. HP EGift Cards: Great way to give merchandise from the HP Home & Home Office Store • Available in any amount from $20 to $500 • You can add a personal message • E-mailed directly to the recipient • No fees, no expiration date. No Payments + No Interest if paid in full in 6 months with Bill Me Later.

HSBC gift card - The HSBC MasterCard® GiftCard takes the guesswork out of gift giving. Give your friends and family the flexibility to buy what they want, when they want. The GiftCard can be purchased in any amount between $25 and $500. The GiftCard can be used at millions of locations worldwide - anywhere that MasterCard® Debit Cards are accepted. Let your friends, family members or business associates choose the perfect gift that's right for them. It's an ideal choice for birthdays, holidays, weddings and graduations... all your gift giving occasions! You load it, they spend it. Each card can be personalized with a special message and includes a distinctive card carrier. Choose from a variety of card designs and select the one that's just right for the occasion. Supply the shipping information and we'll take care of the rest!* Terms and conditions apply to GiftCards. Fees may also apply.

Hyatt gift card: Hyatt Gift Cards are as easy to use as a credit or debit card, for payment towards lodging or dining at Hyatt Hotels & Resorts in the U.S., Canada or the Caribbean. The cards can also be used at any Hyatt operated restaurant or lounge without having to be guest of the hotel. If registered as a guest of the hotel, the recipient can also use the card to cover other Hyatt services charged to the room. Cards can be issued in various denominations to fit any budget and do not expire. Hyatt Gift Checks: Hyatt Check Certificates are redeemable for a variety of Hyatt goods and services such as dining, golf fees, spa services, even toward lodging. Recipients can use them for any eligible service managed by Hyatt at Hyatt Hotels & Resorts worldwide. Check Certificates are available in various denominations.

IKEA gift card: Gift cards make excellent gifts for the holidays, graduates, house warmings, engagements, weddings, or even birthdays. You can choose any amount between $5-$500 per gift card. The IKEA Gift Card is easy to use as a pre-paid shopping card or gift certificate. It's especially handy for holiday gift giving, back-to-college shopping, wedding, and house warming gifts. You can purchase and redeem the card through IKEA Home Shopping at 1-800-434-4532 or at your local IKEA store.

JC Penney gift card: jcpenney Gift Cards and e-Gift Cards: jcpenney has the solution to fit your needs! jcpenney Gift Cards come in two varieties: plastic and electronic. Plastic Gift Cards are mailed to you and usually arrive about a week after ordering. At this time, plastic Gift Cards are only available to domestic U.S. customers. - Gift Cards can be redeemed for orders on or in stores. - They may also be purchased in our stores where they can be redeemed for merchandise or services. - Use them anytime for stocking-stuffers, birthday gifts, baby showers or wherever a gift offering 'freedom of choice' would be appropriate. - Plastic Gift Card can be refilled at your local jcpenney store and used again. e-Gift Cards are emailed to you, usually within 12 hours of ordering, a little longer on weekends. Our e-Gift Cards are available to both U.S. and International customers. - e-Gift Cards are only orderable here on - e-Gift Cards can be redeemed in our stores for merchandise or services or for orders.

Jewel gift card - Jewel-Osco Gift Cards: Enjoy the convenience and variety of Jewel-Osco Gift Cards. With over 250 retailers to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect gift for that special someone. Convenience and Choice: Choose your Gift Card, load it with $5 to $500 and give the gift of deliciousness. Gift Card Mall: The perfect gift is at your fingertips with our Gift Card Mall. Choose from over 250 of your favorite retailers in our online store or at your local Jewel-Osco.* All Occasions and Personalities: Visit our online store today to see our full selection of unique Gift Cards.

KMart gift card: When you're looking for everyday bargains and the best deals on clothing, housewares, even groceries, look no further than Kmart. For decades, this store has offered it all at great prices for the family on a budget. Why not take your savings to the next level and buy a discount gift card to Kmart from one of the vendors you see here at You start saving money before you even wheel your cart down the first aisle. Below are some of the FAQs regarding Kmart's gift cards and how you can go about using them. If you still have questions, feel free to enter it in the form at the very bottom of this page or contact Kmart at 1-866-KMART-4U. Is my Kmart gift card rechargeable? Yes, you can always add more money to your gift card when it's running low. Simply visit any Kmart in your area and stop by any register. A sales associate will be able to add funds to your card right then and there. Where can I check the balance of my Kmart gift card? You can check the balance of your card at any Kmart location. Simply take it to customer service or a register and an employee will look up the balance for you. You can also check the balance online.

LL Bean gift card - L.L.Bean Gift Card: Delivered Free by Email or Mail. * No expiration date or added fees * Accepted online, by phone or at any L.L.Bean store or outlet * Good toward any L.L.Bean or L.L.Bean Signature product or L.L.Bean Outdoor Discovery® adventure. Never Expires, Never a Fee - Always a Perfect Fit With the L.L.Bean Gift Card, recipients can choose from thousands of great products - so you can be sure they'll find the gift they really want. Gift Card Delivery Information: Email gift cards are delivered right to the recipient's inbox just hours after your purchase. They can be used online, by phone or printed out and redeemed at any L.L.Bean store. Gift cards are mailed separately from other items in your order. Domestic orders usually arrive within 5 to 8 business days. International delivery time varies by country. Express Delivery is available; please call 800-441-5713. L.L.Bean Gift Cards cannot be redeemed for cash (except where required by law) or applied to an L.L.Bean Visa Credit Card account. Please treat gift cards like cash, as they cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.

Lowes gift card: The Future of Home Improvement Is Here - Introducing MyLowe's, a collection of tools designed to revolutionize, customize and simplify your home improvement experience. Design Your Own Gift Card: Personalized gift card makes a great keepsake after use. * Only $4.50 for customization of both gift card and greeting card * Any amount between $5 and $500. Send an E-Gift Card. Quick and easy, send directly to recipient's email address. * Available in several designs or upload a photo of your own * Delivered within 12 hours * Available in amounts up to $100.

MasterCard gift card - The perfect gift for everyone, every time: Choosing the perfect gift has never been easier. For holidays, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, or any other celebration, most people prefer a prepaid gift card to a more traditional gift of equal value. When you give a MasterCard Prepaid Gift Card, your gift is perfect every time. MasterCard Prepaid Gift Cards are the ideal gift-to give and receive. Get a MasterCard Gift Card Now. Purchase a MasterCard Prepaid Gift Card and your gift will be perfect every time. Use anywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted: With worldwide acceptance at millions of locations, your gift recipient is never limited to what's available in just one store. A personal touch: Depending on issuer, many cards can be personalized with your own photos, messages, and the recipient's name.

MetaBank gift card - The Visa Gift Card is a prepaid card that can be used at millions of locations where Visa is accepted. This card is issued by MetaBank pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. The Visa Gift Card is a prepaid card that can be used at millions of locations where Visa debit cards are accepted* including online, by phone and in person. If you plan on making any online or phone purchases, you will need to register your card and provide cardholder information. Please take a moment to register your card. Use your gift card as many times as you would like - the amount of every purchase you make is automatically deducted from your available balance. You can check your balance for free online or over the phone 24/7. Make Your Gift Go Further: Visit the My Account page to register your card, then click on the Special Offers link on the left to receive discounts from leading retailers.

Marathon gift card - Marathon Prepaid Cash and Gift Cards: Both the Gift and Cash cards are accepted at participating locations for Marathon purchases (except lottery & money orders).Both cards make a great gift or stocking stuffer for the holidays and can come in handy throughout the year: Visit your local Marathon station, to purchase a Gift or Cash card and receive $1 off a $50 card up to $10 off a $500 card or order online. Marathon Visa® Credit Card - All your daily purchases - gas, groceries, dining out, nights at the movies, even your monthly bills - can elevate you to one of 3 levels that will reward you with as much as 25¢ back per gallon on all your Marathon purchases! You'll immediately start earning with your very first purchase! Marathon Regular Card - This card is a convenient way for a consumer to purchase gas. No annual fee. Marathon Cash and Gift Card - Two eye-catching designs, one sweet deal. $1 off a $50 card, $2 off a $100 card, up to $10 off a $500 card, when you purchase a card at your local Marathon station. SuperFleet Card - Designed for Commercial Customers at participating Speedway, Marathon, Pilot and Rich stations. SuperFleet® is a total fleet management program designed to help fleet managers control costs and monitor vehicle performance. Marathon Fleet Card - Marathon Fleet is for commercial and business customers who want better control, security and savings. With the Marathon Fleet Card you can control your fueling expenses and cut fueling costs, administrative time and unauthorized purchasing.

Neiman Marcus gift card: Give the gift of luxury with the Neiman Marcus gift card. * Each purchase is automatically deducted when the card is used in stores or online, until the total amount has been spent. * Card features silver crocodile design and arrives in an NM signature decorative sleeve. * Available in monetary increments below. * For Corporate Gift Card inquiries, click here. Because processing of gift cards requires up to three days, next-day delivery is not available. Please select 'Standard' as your shipping option. Gift cards will be shipped via FedEx® and will require a signature upon delivery. NM Virtual Gift Card: Giving a gift couldn't be easier for you or more delightful for them. Just click below and we'll send your intended gift recipient our NM Virtual Gift Card. • Within the next business day, upon credit approval, we'll e-mail the NM Virtual Gift Card (and your personal message, if you wish) to the gift recipient. • Available in the denominations shown below. • NM Virtual Gift Cards may be redeemed at, Neiman Marcus by Mail (phone orders), or any Neiman Marcus store. • If the gift recipient does not activate their NM Virtual Gift Card within 60 days, a physical NM Gift Card® will be sent to their mailing address. If you do not provide their mailing address, we will send the physical NM Gift Card to your mailing address. • NM Virtual Gift Cards never expire. • NM Gift Cards® are also available in the traditional, plastic credit card-style.

NFL gift card - Share the gift of glory and style with official NFL Gift Cards and Online Gift Certificates! They can be ordered easily from our online store and redeemed anywhere across the store. Recipients can gear up on game day or any day with our full lineup of genuine team items. Guaranteed to score with the ultimate fan. Online gift certificates and gift cards: Redeeming a Gift Certificate? It's as easy as 1,2,3... Purchasing Gift Certificates for a group or company? Our Sales Group has all the info you need.

Nike gift card: Give a physical gift card - * Gift card shipment is free. Gift cards can be redeemed online or at any Nike retail location. * Mini Shoe Box Gift Card Holder free with purchase of $50 gift card or higher. Available while supplied last. Box is shipped already assembled. Give a digital online gift card: * Recipients get their card by email within 24 hours, some exceptions apply. * Gift Cards can be redeemed online or at any Nike retal location.

Office Depot gift card: Office Depot provides your home and business with all its office needs. Shop for supplies, furniture, business services, business machines, electronics, and more. Bring your ink and toner to Office Depot to be recycled and earn rewards towards future purchases. Gift cards can be used in stores and online. Office Depot is the place for the best selection of office supplies, paper, technology, ink, toner, office furniture, print services, breakroom and cleaning. Looking for office furniture? Build a workspace that's both functional and stylish with premium office furniture from Office Depot. Sleek leather office chairs add style, and modern office desks with multiple drawers keep you organized. For larger storage needs, shop Office Depot's assortment of file cabinets, as well as their home office furniture in a variety of colors, finishes and styles to complement your decor. Visit an Office Depot store for the best selection of chairs, desks, file cabinets, office cubicles, book cases, shelves, panel partitions, dividers, safes, storage, chairmats, desk accessories ,lighting, office décor and wall files. Looking to stock up on paper? Create crisp, professional-quality photos and documents with premium photo paper and printer paper. Their top-brand inkjet paper is perfect for everyday printing for work and home, while our vibrant array of colored paper will make your crafts, scrapbooks and school projects stand out. Shop Office Depot to find the right copy paper for the job. For all your office supply needs shop Office Depot. Gift cards can be redeemed in stores or on-line.

Office Max gift card: OfficeMax has all of the office supplies you need to manage your workload and your day, so you can be at the front line of business. They carry trusted brands of office products, technology and office furniture that deliver the performance and quality that you deserve. Stock up on paper! They have a complete line of paper including copy and multipurpose, recycled, laser, inkjet, colored, resume and fine business, certificates and certificate covers, stationary, invitations, computer, fax, security, specialty punch, wild format, filler, graphs, arts, crafts, business cards and photos. OfficeMax has all of your technology needs covered. They have top name computers, tablets, laptops and desktops from top name brands like Blackberry, Samsung, Acer, Toshiba, Motorola and more. In need of a fax machine? Send and receive printed pages or images with a variety of fax machines. Manage every day correspondence needs in your home or workplace and get professional results with their extensive selection of compact paper fax machines. Multiple users can share and enjoy the benefits of their premium laser fax machines and plain paper fax machines. Whether you shop online or in one of their 900 stores, you'll find great deals on office supplies for your unique needs. Gift cards are available and can be used in store or on-line.

Olive Garden gift card - Gift cards can be redeemed at over 700 locations and are available in any denomination from $5 to $250. Are you craving some delicious Italian food? Stop in at the Olive Garden where their cuisine is inspired and created in Italy and then brought here to you. When the family wants to get together over bowls of pasta, they will have much to choose from. That is of course if they still have room for dinner after the salad and breadsticks get passed around. The unlimited salad and bread sticks are offered with all entrees and are sure to start you in the right direction. When it comes to lunch they have super lunch combinations for something light and easy. Even if you're not in the mood for pasta they have made sure their menu consists of more options like fish, chicken, and steak. The Olive Garden is not only a great place to eat, but they also believe in giving back. They donate much of their time and funds to numerous charities across the nation. Since we want you to be able to enjoy their hospitality, is offering you a chance to purchase a discounted gift card that you can use when you decide to go in and try their delectable food. Enjoy the savings and pasta!

Omaha Steaks gift card: • Mailed FREE & arrives in 5-10 days • Include your own personal greeting • No maintenance fees & no expiration dates. Redeeming Your Gift Card: Using your Omaha Steaks Gift Card to purchase delicious, gourmet specialties is fun. You'll enjoy 3 easy shopping options... Online, by Phone, or at your neighborhood Omaha Steaks Store. Omaha Steaks E-Gift Card: • For instant gift giving needs • Emailed as soon as purchase is validated • Include your own personal greeting. Check Your Gift Card Balance: It's easy to check your gift card balance, on one or multiple cards. Simply click below and get started.

Overstock gift card - Gift Card Ideas: Incentives - Give a gift card that motivates appropriately. gift cards come in denominations from $10 to $5000. Reward - Use a gift card to reward an achievement or recognize a milestone. Corporate gifts - Say Thank You to your best clients by giving an gift card. Holidays - Make holiday gift giving easy and rewarding. Redeem a Gift Card: 1. Upon checkout, check the 'Use Gift Card' box under 'Billing Information'. 2. Enter the 16- or 19-digit code from your gift card. If you have a 19-digit code, enter a PIN. No PIN is needed for the 16-digit codes. 3. Click the 'Apply' button, and the gift card amount will be credited to your account and applied to your purchase. Any unused balance will be removed from the gift card and transferred to your account for your next purchase.

Papa Johns gift card: Take the guesswork out of gift giving. A Papa John's Gift Card can be given to anyone who loves great tasting pizza! It's the perfect gift for those 'hard to buy for' people on your shopping list. Plus, Papa John's Gift Cards do not expire, and there are no service fees. Please call 1-800-325-1119 to check your Papa John's Gift Card balance. Make gift-giving fast and easy! * Choose from six gift card designs * Select your gift card value up to $100 * Include a personal message right on the card * Send today, or a date of your choice * No shipping charges * Great last minute gift * Available in amounts of $15, $25, and $40 * Ship card directly to your recipient * Multiple shipping methods offered

Petsmart gift card - Redeem at more than 850 PetSmart stores or

Brooks Brothers gift card: The Brooks Brothers Gift Card arrives ready to use in a blue folder showing the amount of your gift, along with a copy of our latest catalog. A Brooks Brothers Gift Card is a stylish choice, appropriate for any gift-giving occasion. All gift cards can be redeemed interchangeably at U.S. Brooks Brothers retail locations, factory stores, Brooks Brothers Country Club stores, 346 Brooks Brothers, online and by phone. About Your Gift Card: Gift Cards can be redeemed online, through the catalog, and in stores. You can combine other forms of payment with your Gift Card payment. For additional information about your Gift Card, find the answers to frequently asked questions. Check Your Balance: If you already have a Gift Card or have received Merchandise Credit, you can check the balance online.

Century Link gift card: Visa Gift Card Offer - Get the services you need in a CenturyLink Choice™ Bundle. For a limited time you can receive up to $250 on a Visa® gift card! Here's how it works: ADD one or more NEW qualifying services to your CenturyLink Choice™ Bundle (a home phone package and at least one other bundle-eligible service*) and receive: $50 for new High Speed Internet with MSN Premium or Internet Prime or Choice Online (Phoenix and Denver); $50 for new DIRECTV® service available through CenturyLink or CenturyLink Choice TV (Phoenix and Denver); and $150 for a new CenturyLink Wireless plan (500 minutes or higher). That's a total of $250 on a Visa Gift card. *Bundle-Eligible Services - Long-distance Products: * CenturyLink Choice™ Unlimited Long-Distance * CenturyLink™ Mexico 180 * CenturyLink™ Mexico 360. Video Products: * CenturyLink Choice TV (Phoenix and Denver only) * DIRECTV® Service available from Qwest. Internet Products: * CenturyLink Choice™ DSL, DSL Deluxe or Premier Premium with MSN Premium or Internet Prime * CenturyLink Choice™ OnLine (Phoenix and Denver only)

Personalize with a customized gift card. Some stores allow you to make your own gift card, including design selection. And when the balance is low, some issuers will alos provide the steps detailing how to take money off a gift card. For example, when there's less than $1, you may be able to redeem gift card balance or perhaps transfer to another gift card of the same kind from the same store. A prepaid gift card can be an excellent solution whenever you cannot determine the best gift to give. If you are buying for someone with health problems and low income, an RX gift card may be appreciated. One particular feature you may want to look for is a card that offers cash. If the terms do not specify, contact the store and ask: "can I take money out of a gift card?"

Wedding gift card: Celebrate a wedding by giving a Bed Bath & Beyond Gift Card! Let the happy couple select a gift that they really want from our broad assortment of products. Choose from $25, $50, $100, and $200 denominations. Best of all, our gift cards do not expire and can be replenished at any of our stores in any denomination, so they can be used over and over again. Cards can be used in-store or on-line (on-line enabled cards include an 8 digit PIN number located on the back of the card). Gift cards will be shipped at no charge via USPS. Bridal gift cards at - We have been selling gift cards since 1999. We manufacture our own gift cards in a 20,000 square foot, high security facility. We are Visa®, MasterCard® and Discover® certified which allows us to make your customized gift and greeting cards on demand - in house, we do not outsource.

Abercrombie gift card: Gift Cards are available in denominations from $25 - $200 and may be redeemed in the US and Canada at the Abercrombie & Fitch and abercrombie kids websites or store locations. Standard Shipping for Gift Cards within the US is on Abercrombie & Fitch. Gift Card Terms and Conditions * Gift Cards purchased online or in stores in the US and Canada may be redeemed in the US and Canada at the Abercrombie & Fitch and abercrombie kids websites or store locations. * Gift Cards sales are final and they cannot be returned or redeemed for cash unless otherwise required by applicable law. * Gift Cards cannot be applied as payment to any Abercrombie & Fitch credit card account. * When returning Merchandise that was purchased online using a Gift Card the original Gift Card will be credited. A new Gift Card will not be issued. * Gift Cards have no expiration date and there is no fee to reactivate the card if it has been unused for a long period of time. * Gift Cards cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. * Purchases in a currency different than the currency of this Gift Card will be subject to an exchange rate conversion on the day of payment. * Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase Gift Cards or E-Gift Cards. * The terms and conditions of Gift Cards are governed by the laws of the US.

Buy unwanted gift cards at discount - - Buy discount gift cards up to 35% off and get free USPS shipping on all orders.

How long does it take to receive my gift cards after I order them? We ship all of our physical gift cards through USPS First Class Mail which usually takes 3-7 business days to arrive at most locations. If you order electronic gift cards, we'll typically email them to you within 1 business day. In some cases we may ask for additional verification and your order will remain pending until we receive all the necessary documentation requested.

Do these gift cards ever expire or have any associated fees? No, to provide the best customer experience we've decided to only sell gift cards with no fees and no expiration.

Can a store or merchandise credit be used just like a gift card? Many merchants treat merchandise credits in the same manner as regular gift cards and only issue a different type of card for accounting purposes. Please contact the particular merchant for more details governing usage and review their specific terms and conditions.

What are store and merchandise credits? Store and merchandise credits are issued by some merchants when an item is returned to them without a receipt.

Do you charge sales tax or shipping? No, we do not charge sales tax and USPS shipping is free. The price that you see is the price that you get!

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